Darryn August

Last year, Darryn August was left to die after being thrown from a train while protecting two women from being robbed, the story inspired the nation and now the hero is inspiring us again as he sets his sights on the Paralympics.


Darryn August is a true South African hero, he stepped in front of a robbery on a train and to protect two women.

The day started like every other day, Darren was on his usual morning commute when he was involved in a violent robbery.

The life-changing day took place over a year ago, in April 2016. Darryn had always said he would stand up for others and so on that day, that is what he did. The robbers beat and stabbed him and then threw him from the moving train.

“I was the first person they wanted to rob, the person in their way. The ladies were hidden in the corner while they were busy with me. So inadvertently I saved their lives by using myself as a decoy.”

As he was flung from the train he hit a tree which broke his back. He lay on the side of the train tracks for three hours with collapsed lungs before he was found and assisted.

“Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything as I believe that everything happens the way it’s supposed to. I managed to impact someone else’s life in some way. I was fortunate to meet the women right after that day, it was a really emotional and overwhelming experience. I just wanted to make sure they were safe.”

Darryn started recovering and with the help of many supporters, over R 500k was raised to help with rehabilitation. While Darryn is paralysed from the waist down he is able to move with the assistance of crutches. His hope is to walk again without the crutches.

“Physically I’ve improved dramatically, as I’ve gotten more function and sensation from the level of injury down to my toes. My ability to walk with crutches has shown huge improvement, but it’s still a work in progress. It might take years before I’m actually fully able to walk without being fully dependent on my wheelchair.”

Darryn remains positive and has set his sights on entering the Paralympics.

His goal is to do field and track events representing South Africa. Another big passion of his is to change societies perception about people who are differently-abled.

“I’ve been focused on furthering my passion for youth development. I feel not much is being done in South Africa to change perceptions around disability. I want to open the eyes of the world and help people see their potential. Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m less “able” to do something.”

Darryn remains an inspiration to South Africans everywhere. We wish him all the best on his next stage in life and look forward to hearing news of his sporting triumphs.

Sources: The South African
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