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An anonymous person shared an inspiring tip for helping delivery drivers after they gave their driver a loaf of bread and learned the man was on day 3 of no food.


South Africa (08 April 2024) – Recently a post on the Facebook community ‘The Village’ has gone viral for its wholesome kindness towards delivery drivers. The post was shared by an anonymous person and served to encourage people to lend a helping hand to the men and women who bring convenience into our lives.

The group is made up of over 50,000 people who discuss family, parenting and so much more; it is a safe space for many. The group thrives because it values kindness above all else! It is called The Village because it takes one to raise a child. While the group is usually parenting-focused (although not exclusively), this post is focused on kindness – something that regularly features, too!

The anonymous poster shared:

Good morning

I wanted to share something that I hope will go a long way.
I am sure that many of you are familiar with ordering food online, be it Uber Eats, Mr. D. Checkers 60/60 etc. (You catch my drift)

I have started something where, whatever I order, I always add or order something for the driver (I do also tip the driver in case anybody thinks that I’m trying to avoid that)

Be it a loaf of bread, milk, or any other general necessities, and when I tell you, I had a driver in tears yesterday because I gave him a loaf of bread and milk, he broken-down telling me hadn’t eaten in 3 days because the money he was earning had to go to petrol(and we all know how expensive that is) just so he could keep his job.
It just made me think, if I am in a position to order food online and enjoy that luxury, I am definitely in a position to spend a little extra on a loaf of bread or milk, etc. I am by no means extremely wealthy but I don’t have to go without to make a small difference in somebody else’s life that could mean they have something to eat or go they hungry.

It broke my heart that this driver was so hungry, hadn’t eaten in three days and had to deliver food all day, that is some other kind of torture 💔

I am not trying to guilt trip anyone but I thought I should share this because it’s something where we could all possibly make a bit of an effort and make a huge difference 😀

Also, if there are any restaurant owners, I have seen a few places, specifically Nikos, (I am by no means related or affiliated) in Pineslopes, where they give sandwiches out to the Uber Eats Delivery drivers and that just absolutely warms my heart, I now live quite far from Fourways but I will go out of my way to support a restaurant like that.

Remember your humanity ♥️

We couldn’t agree more! These men and women make our lives easier: thanks to these delivery drivers, we don’t need to leave home to get groceries or cook after an exhausting day. However, the margin for profit is very slim, and tips don’t get paid right away. Many of these drivers struggle, and giving them something to bridge the gap goes a long way. We can also be mindful of them during bad weather.

So if you were looking for a kind act to do today, this could be the one!

Sources: The Village
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