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This could just be a story about a Doughnut, but it’s not, it’s so much more than that!


Anton Schutte popped into the Camps Bay Pick n Pay to grab some supplies, and while he was there, started craving a doughnut from the local bakery.

He decided to stop at the bakery section to pick one up and patiently waited for the Baker to finish what she was doing before she turned around to assist him.

The first words she said to him were “Thank you so much for helping me that day of the Fires.”

Anton’s mind jolted back to the Hout Bay fires in March 2017. 

Hout Bay Fire

Her name is Kwanga Nunu!

“I remember walking back up towards the burning shacks of Mandela Park, Hout Bay, pouring sweat after doing dozens of trips from 7am in the morning, carrying peoples entire belongings away from this wall of fire that tore down the mountain side fiercely”

“Kwanga was trying to wrestle the biggest bundle of belongings, wrapped up in huge double bed duvet covers that I have ever seen!”

“I struggled to heave it up onto my shoulders, carrying it on the full surface of my back, bent over, face towards the ground, barely able to see where I was going through the top of my eyeballs, we got it away from the fire and way down the hill.”

Back up the hill they both went, in different directions… to grab the next load of whatever they could find as quickly as they could before the raging fires took over.

That was the last he saw of her… until today!

Kwanga with tears in her eyes said “I do not know how to ever thank you enough or repay you”.

Anton, almost starting to cry told her that there was no need to repay him, and just the fact that she had remembered him and thanked him, is all he could ever ask for.

“We all need to look out for one another and I can only hope that if I were in need of help, someone would do the same for me. I wish I could have done more.”

They both agreed to share their story, of their loss and their chance encounter, hoping that it would inspire someone else.

“If we do good in life and help one another, we will live in a society of love and hope. Take a moment to reflect on this simple yet powerful story.”

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