Dude had been living in a park across the road from the Potchefstroom Hospital when he was rescued. He quickly became the talk of the town and found a loving forever home.


Corene van der Merwe spotted a dog on the pavement outside the Potchefstroom Hospital. She witnessed him scratching around for food on the sidewalk and nearly getting run over twice. Worried she went over to catch him but he ran off towards the park across the road.

Corene knew she wouldn’t be able to catch him by herself so she called the Potch Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

“I tried catching the dog but he went into the open park across the Hospital. After a few minutes, I knew that I was not fast enough so I called PAWS to help catch the dog. One of the 2 homeless guys living in the park came to help and told me that the dog was living there for 3 months, and they gave him food at night, but he did not sleep with them.”

“When PAWS came they caught him and took him to there place. He was so scared and cried while they were chasing him.”

“PAWS IS AMAZING!! If you call them to help a lost or sick animal, they are there in a few minutes! They are making an amazing impact in Potchefstroom. I am so glad we have people caring so much about the animals. They really deserve a high five!” – Corene van der Merwe

The sweet but terrified dog was taken to PAWS and checked over. He was given the clear and put up for adoption. His story was shared on the PAWS Facebook page and the little guy quickly built up quite a following. Someone sponsored his adoption, meaning that the family who chose to adopt wouldn’t have to pay the fees.

Cornelia Slabbert decided to adopt the dog and named him Dude. He has since settled in well and is loving his new life.

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