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A Durban man has permanently marked his skin with the craziest Zuma tattoo during a Facebook live video… but it’s all for a good reason!


Jason Barber feels that in these drastic times South African’s should get up and do something! While getting the Zuma tattoo Jason sings a song he wrote a few years ago and decided Zuma’s birthday was the best day to revive it and share it with the world.

His tattoo was done by the artist Byron Van Dyk, in Pinetown KwaZulu Natal.

Jason had his reasons for getting the tattoo done and took to Facebook to share his views on the matter.

“Some people are wondering why I got my tattoo, so here goes… yes, it is a drastic measure. But these are drastic times.”

“South Africa’s sovereignty is at stake. Vladimir Putin and the Guptas have bought themselves the presidency, a large swathe of parliament, and they’re leeching off the money that’s supposed to go towards building schools and hospitals and houses.”

“Jacob Zuma is the central figure in this grand takeover of South Africa. If he can be removed from the presidency, and replaced with an uncaptured leader, the battle against poverty, inequality and oppression has a chance of being won.”

“This tattoo is not to look cool, it’s to encourage all of you to do something. You do not have to get inked, but you can march, stage mini-protests, withhold money from DStv until they remove ANN7, encourage your employer to have a shut down.”

“We have to do SOMETHING! We cannot just sit down and do nothing. We have to do something.”

Watch the video and clever song below, keep scrolling for a picture of the tattoo.

Here is the tattoo Jason got…

Zuma Tattoo

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