Family living in a hole below a house were given an opportunity that changed their lives, now three years on, the family is thriving.


Johannesburg, South Africa – Three years ago, a family were found living in a hole below a house. The single father was doing everything in his power to provide for his three children, but life was hard on them. The hole they called home was infested with rats, noxious gases and drainage water from the house above.

Believe it or not, the father was charged R750.00 in rent for that hellish hole. His story reached the ears of a few Angels, and they quickly went to investigate the living situation.

They learned that Boaz and his wife had travelled from the Congo to seek a safer world. They had three children together before his wife fell ill while pregnant and passed away. He was left as the only one who could fend for his children. At the time of his wife’s passing, Boaz was working at a fruit and vegetable shop, managing various essential tasks.

As time passed, he needed to take days off to care for his children or was late for work after getting them sorted, so he lost his job. They were already struggling on a single income so when he was let go, they were plunged into abject poverty.

The Angels were deeply moved by his story and circumstance and decided to do something about it. The Angel Network collected enough money to rent them a fully furnished flat for a year in the hopes it would help him get back on his feet. It has since been three years when the Angel Network got involved.

“We are so thrilled to announce that not only are Boaz and his 3 beautiful children back on their feet and surviving, they are happy, healthy and thriving.”

“Our Angel Network rallied around this special family who were living in abject poverty and hell on earth in a rat-infested hole under a house by collecting enough money to put them into a fully furnished flat for a year. Boaz was able to go back to work and save and save and save in order to start a business. Today he is the proud owner of his own fruit and veg outlet in Bez Valley after working for Fruit and Veg City for 9 years. 3 times a week he is at the market by 5 am, buying fresh produce to sell, while still being the most incredible single parent to his 3 amazing kids.”

While it was a group effort to help the family, a few people went above and beyond. The Angel Network thanked the people who supported the family throughout the three-year process

“Louise Roth Fisher has been there for this special family every step of the way, sending funds from overseas and providing them with food and clothing whenever possible. Clive Zulberg, the fridges you donated helped Boaz get started as an entrepreneur and we know how impressed you’ll be with how he is succeeding.

Louise, her husband Steve and their gorgeous children, Daniel and Lara, hosted a birthday lunch for Boaz’s oldest, Israel, who turned 16 yesterday. Tears flowed and there was much love and laughter all around. It was a very special moment in time, filled with gratitude for the difference we as a collective have made to the lives of others.

Thank you to each and every person who was involved along the way.”

The Angel Network works to connect donors, mentors and more to people and organisations in need. If you would like to connect with the Network to see how you can get involved, you can do so here.

Sources: Facebook / Seeking Refuge
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