This Father-Daughter duo who completed their first ever Cape Cycle Tour will totally inspire you!


Hermann and Maike Volkmann cycled the Cape Town Cycle Tour on a tandem bike. The race was a first for both of them and their reasons for doing it are truly inspirational.


Hermann (60) and Maike Volkmann (31) travelled to Cape Town from Namibia to take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour. The father-daughter duo had never done it before and for Maike, it had always been a big dream.

Maike has Down Syndrome but refuses to live anything but a great life despite some of the challenges she faces. Her father Hermann knew how much she wanted to do the gruelling race and decided to support her wishes. Hermann, who has had a triple bypass surgery dedicated the last two years to training for the 108km cycle tour.

He and Maike practised on their tandem bike, riding around the Namibian desert and watching their weight to ensure an easier ride. The pair had never ridden so far before and for Hermann, it was a big test of his endurance.

“Children with Down Syndrom suffer from low muscle tone, hip problems and have a tendency for weight gain, participating in something like the Argus is a massive challenge – but Maike dreams big, loves life and people, and yesterday she had an absolute blast. Her dad is a shy introvert and Maike is an absolute extrovert and in typical Down Syndrome style, sees everybody as an opportunity to strike up a conversation and to exchange something very unique.” – Margarethe de Cafmeyer

The father-daughter duo succeeded and completed the race. Her aunty, Margarethe shared the inspiring story with us. Confirming that the reason Hermann took on such a mammoth task, was because he truly loves his daughter, wants to see her happy and will support her no matter what. Well, we were on the verge of tears at that and then we went on to read Margrethe’s beautiful words about Maike and it was pure sobs!

“You don’t just like people like any ordinary extrovert – no, you really love people – almost everybody is an opportunity to connect, to talk to, to laugh with, to joke with, to hug, to high-5, to share your special self with. And you are special, officially you have “special needs” but unofficially you are special in a way that has little to do with what you need and everything to do with what you give and how you live!”

“You’ve won the hearts of total strangers, touched by your happiness
You’ve won the heartfelt cheers from innocent bystanders turned instant fans, on hearing your inspiring story
You’ve won the sense of wonder, from those that you left wondering – in your wake
You’ve won the respect from those that know what (and who) it took to get you there
You are the hero of our stories
You are the pièce de résistance in our celebrations
You are Maike”

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