Alms of Love Food Drive

Donna Oakes started a food drive for an Informal Settlement down the road from her and it has turned into a monthly feeding scheme that feeds the entire community.


Alms Of Love started when Donna Oakes’ visited the informal settlement just 400m down the road from her house. When she got to the settlement she realised how desperate the community was for help.

I said to myself there is no way that people who are literally on my door step, could live in such a way. I need to do something….and so I did.”

Donna reached out to her friends, family and neighbors for help. Starting with a sandwich drive she made enough sandwiches to feed the community, which consists of around 30 people, every weekend from April 2016 until December 2016.

In December Donna opened her home and threw all the children a Christmas Party. The party had a jumping castle, pizza and sweets. She even arranged for Santa to stop by and hand out presents to all the children at the party. The day was a massive success.

Donna made a promise that 2017 will be a much bigger and better year for the community. She saw that although the sandwich drive has been successful the children needed proper meals, a warm meal can go a long way.

“From February, I would like to start giving out a warm plate of cooked food once a week.”

At the end of January Donna made the first food run of 2017. The plan is to cook a big meal once a week and take it through to feed everyone. Donna likes to keep her followers updated on the food drive, she posts regular video’s on the Alms of Love page.

Alms of Love is looking for donations of big pots to cook the food and any food people would like to donate so she can grow the project, for more information contact Donna here.

“It’s gets more personal every week, each week the need grows, not just for food but for their future and their kids future….”

Alms of Love Food Drive

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