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A social media community came together over the weekend to make two traumatized foster children’s dreams come true.


Terashia Singh posted a status to the “I Love Fourways” group offering two free Justin Bieber tickets to someone in need of a little surprise.

“Do any of you know of someone who is really down and out and a Bieber fan, someone who cannot afford to go but is dying to and can arrange relevant transport to and from? I will give these tickets to them.”

“I’m ideally looking for someone from an orphanage who hasn’t been to a concert. Please dont ask for these if you are in a position to buy them.”

Sharon Roets immediately suggested Tommy and Shante, 2 kids that were staying at Morning Sunshine 4 Kids, a Non Profit Organisation run by Bianca Kock.

“We have a home, a place of safety, with 13 children placed with us through childrens court from different social services organisations. Our aim is to provide these children with a stable home filled with love, stability and security for time being.”

Sharon explained that both Tommy and Shante had been through a really rough time and were quite traumatized. They had been placed in the Foster Care facility by order of the courts recently and the tickets would be a little light in their current situation and a dream come true for both of them.

The community members quickly joined the online conversation and all agreed that the kids from the Foster Care facility deserved the tickets.

One social media user, Katie Lizzy Damon offered to assist with transport while Aliki Yiannakis started a discussion to arrange new clothing for the kids to wear to the concert. Some community members were even offering to give spending money to the kids.

After a long thread discussing the logistics, Terashia posted an update:

“Wish there were more freebies to go around but there are only 2. I spoke to the hubby and he made sense. Give it to those who may never have a chance again in their lives to attend a concert. I’ve given it to Tommy and Shante.”

“Thank you all for helping me. The moment I got those tickets there was no doubt as to what it was for. It wasn’t me being generous or charitable. Its how divine intervention works. Those two tickets were won because this person who gave them to me worked long hard hard hours to make it to the top of his team and in turn got this prize on Thursday morning.”

“He had every intention of taking my baby daughter to the concert, I refused as she is too young.”

“That night, whilst playing action cricket the ball smacked his eye (duh, he was fielding at silly point). His eye is still closed and he simply cannot go even if it was just to chaperone one of his neices/nephews. He isn’t allowed to sell it because he won them. I messaged him with my idea and that’s how this all started.”

“So it isnt him, it isn’t me, its that batsman who knocked him out :).”

The Foster care mom broke the news to the kids who couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Their faces were priceless. The excitement just too much. Thanks to everyone for helping. Words can’t express the joy I see on my to Angels faces at the moment.”

The very next day, the community members met Bianca and the kids at a shopping centre to kit them out in new gear before the concert. The kids were apparently incredibly excited but humbled by the entire experience.

The story which has been trending on social media is inspiring each other by the way the community came together to help the kids.

Aliki Yiannakis posted: “Sharon if we all stand together we can achieve great things. Just knowing that we are a small part of giving those kids this experience makes me soooo happy!!! You right Sharon meant to be !!!”

Sharon Roets added: “I’ve loved seeing the posts. Different language speakers… Different races… Different economic brackets… All coming together with such kindness and caring ! You are so right Aliki Yiannakis….if we all stand together we CAN achieve great things ! It’s made me quite emotional really !!”

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