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Rob Scheer was a foster kid, he packed his life into a black bag and moved into care. When he started taking in foster kids he saw they had black bags too, it had to change!


Rob Scheer was one of 10 kids, when his parents passed away he and his siblings had to pack up their lives into black bags. The thought of that moment never left Rob.

When Rob decided he wanted a family, he and his partner decided to adopt locally and started by taking in and fostering a young brother and sister. When the kids arrived they came with all their possessions in black bags, Rob was shocked by this as so much time had passed since he had experienced having his possessions in a black bag.

“I remember the first day Amaya came to stay with us. She was four years old, moving into her third foster home and carrying her entire life in a trash bag,”

“Having experienced foster care myself, I was disgusted to see a child forced to carry around their things like they were garbage. We took her out to buy new clothes and she picked out a Cinderella nightgown.”

It wasn’t until Rob and his partner expanded their family to 6 by fostering another two children that he realised he needed to do something about the black bag issue. So the family started the ‘Comfort Cases’ project.

“From that moment, I knew we needed to make a change.”

Comfort Cases is a non-profit organization that provides backpacks with essential items like toiletries, pajamas, activities and other items for children in foster care. Currently the cases are provided to children in  D.C., Maryland and Virginia foster care systems in America.

Rob was featured in a video on UpWorthy that discusses how he started this passion project and how he not only changed the lives of his own kids but the lives of many many other children around America.

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Sources: UpWorthy / Comfort Cases

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