A young South African girl has given back to the Children’s home that she grew up in, years after finding her forever home.


TLC Children’s home fosters, places and adopts vulnerable children from a family-run home in Johannesburg, that helps every child in its care to grow up with a loving and responsible family.

“Every baby who arrives at TLC is welcomed into our family with love. We know that, even though they may have been abandoned or born into a difficult situation, these little people deserve the same benefits and care as any other child.”

“We develop an individual and holistic growth plan for each family member that moves through, or comes to stay in our home.”

Enya Hohm originally came to TLC in 2003 as a small baby and not long afterwards found her forever family, after being adopted by her new parents, Silke and Ingo Hohm.

13 years later and Hohm is coming to the rescue of the loving Children’s home that looked after her when no one else would.

The Children’s home in Eikenhof was recently targeted by criminals where seven armed men managed to kidnap three orphaned children, after gaining access to the property.

Hohm was incredibly distressed when she heard about the terrible acts of violence committed to her once safe-haven and decided she would do something to help!

Her school has a charitable program once a year, the conclusion of which was taking place at the time she heard about the news. Funds are raised during the entire year, and the children in the school are invited to make presentations for whichever charities they have a heart for.

The funds are usually divided and each class receives a share. So each class has a winner whose favourite charity receives their prize.

Apparently, the competition is quite stiff and all the children produced magnificent PowerPoint presentations and all used professional materials in the hopes of winning the cash for their class and also for their beneficiary.

“Our little Enya did no such thing. Her heart was so full of love and concern about the tragedy that TLC had suffered, that she simply shared from her heart.”

“She spoke with deep emotion about how much TLC means to her and how this attack on the precious and sacred place where she had been loved and nurtured during her very fragile beginnings, until she found her own forever family, had affected her.”

“The idea that somebody would so violently attack this very place of love and peace and its’ people, grieved her deeply. She made a moving appeal that her class’ money be donated to TLC, in South Africa.”

All the children in the school were so moved by Hohm’ story, that they all agreed to give the Children’s home ALL the proceeds of last year’s fundraising.

The total amount raised was over R26 000!

“These are the moments in my life when so much delight fills my heart! To know that the children who have been adopted, are not only doing very well in their own lives, but that they remember and revere us here at TLC, as our important work continues.”

“Life is often difficult here and there are many sacrifices along the way. But news like this makes it all worthwhile. It is not about the money only, as I am sure you will understand. It is about the heart that remembers, and the love that continues to care.”

“This is what brings tears to my eyes.

Isn’t that incredible? The little beneficiaries of the love and care of the TLC Children’s home, even at 13, have become the benefactors!

TLC Children's Home

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Sources: TLC Children’s Home

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