Man takes to social media to find policemen who saved his life after Global Citizen Concert!

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A man has taken to social media to find the policemen who saved his life after the Global Citizen Concert.


Many South Africans have taken to social media – the day after the Global Citizen Festival – to recount terrifying stories of how criminals took charge of the concert-goers outside of the stadium, leaving many traumatised by the entire experience. Apparently hundreds found themselves in the middle of a sweeping crimewave after the performances were over.

**Jason and **Sarah were two of those concert-goers who attended the Global Citizen Festival and have taken to social media to find two policemen who saved their lives.

“Thank you Global Citizen Festival… the Concert was INSANE but whoever in this City was in charge of security around the stadium, you have failed the cause of the festival and instead of feeling excitement. All that lingers is the feeling of being left alone… like many others, that were victims of ruthless robberies last night because there was complete non-existing police presence around the Uber collection points and around those areas were people supposed to be safe.”

Jason and Sarah left the stadium after the performances and approached the Uber pickup zone to meet their driver. Jason felt uneasy while walking as they saw more than 20 “thugs” hanging around on the pavements. Jason made the call to rather walk in the middle of the traffic towards a police vehicle they could see a few cars ahead of them.

“I could see how they were starting to circle in on Sarah and myself… I started walking right in the middle of the road between the cars and told Sarah to do the same. I could make out exactly who was going to come for us.

Very quickly I found myself surrounded by about 8 of them and another 5 or so started swarming around Sarah.

The first one tried to attack and I pushed him away and started screaming. The second one went for my hand to grab my phone. As he grabbed it I pulled my arm back and hit him, I pushed and kicked whilst trying to move towards Sarah.”

Jason realised that there were too many attackers and screamed at Sarah telling her to run. One of the assailants took advantage of the fact that Sarah was now separated from Jason.

“He saw that she was separated from me and went for her. He reached for her handbag and pulled, and Sarah got knocked off her feet.

I started screaming and ran for her. I was close enough for him to decide to let go and escape. I quickly helped Sarah on her feet and started running with her to the only police car in sight… a K-9 Unit.”

They reached the policemen just in time and the K-9 unit told Jason and Sarah to stay with them until the Uber arrived. The policemen felt they were not safe alone as they were all now “surrounded by robbers”. It took over an hour for the Uber driver to get to them and there was continuous mayhem around them while they waited but the two policemen managed to keep them safe, while also helping other citizens.

“There was a family trying to get into a car parked near the police car but criminals tried to steal it so the K-9 unit escorted the family by foot and got them out safe whilst telling us and a group of about 10 others to walk with them for safety.

Then there was a whole horde of robbers at the SASOL… at least 40, mugging everyone.

The two brave men, walked there alone, trying to restore order.”

The two police officers stayed with the group until everyone was safely in a vehicle or away from the scene.

Jason took to Facebook to share his story about the evening events and also to try find the brave policemen to thank them for their service.

“The two Brave heroes of the K-9 Unit… you were brave, brave, service men! I commend you, because you saved many last night, just by being there, escorting people, fighting multiple fires, and there were only the two of you!

You are true South African heroes and I hope that eventually we will have more like you on our streets! I will find you and make sure you get the recognition you deserve for last night!

I hope that one day this country will be a safe place for everyone, because a show that pledges to change the world is amazing but not enough, we need more work on the streets where it happens!”

Please contact Good Things Guy if you have any info on the police officers, we would love to personally thank them!

UPDATE: Thank you for all the shares, the policemen have been found!

Man takes to social media to find policemen who saved his life after Global Citizen Concert!

**Names changed for privacy and safety concerns.

Sources: Global Citizen | Facebook | Good Things Guy interview
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