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An incredible act of kindness unfolded in Cape Town, exemplifying the innate goodness in humanity, as an Uber driver came to the rescue of a young man who had overindulged following South Africa’s Rugby World Cup victory, leaving a grateful family in awe and immense relief.


Western Cape, South Africa (02 November 2023) – In the early hours of the morning, a heartwarming and extraordinary act of kindness unfolded in Cape Town. *Samantha recently shared a remarkable story that exemplifies the innate goodness in humanity.

It all began at 4am when Samantha’s husband’s phone rang, waking them from their sleep. On the other end of the line was a foreign-sounding voice, and what he had to say would soon set in motion a chain of events that would leave a family feeling immeasurably grateful.

The concerned caller identified himself as an Uber driver originally from Rwanda. He had found a young man who had overindulged in celebrations following South Africa’s triumphant Rugby World Cup victory. The young man had passed out at a club in Cape Town, and in a selfless gesture, the Uber driver took it upon himself to ensure the young man’s safety. However, there was a crucial detail missing: he didn’t know where the young man lived, and he needed his address to get him back home.

In that moment, a thousand thoughts raced through Samantha’s husband’s mind. The question of whether this was a genuine act of kindness or a potential threat loomed large. However, reflecting their faith in the goodness of humanity, they decided to proceed cautiously. Samantha’s husband calmly engaged with the stranger, and after a brief conversation, the call abruptly ended, leaving them in the dark, both literally and figuratively, with uncertainty hanging in the air.

Their son, a resident of Cape Town, was the subject of this unexpected rescue mission. With no time to waste, Samanatha’s husband reached out to one of their son’s closest friends. It was confirmed that their son had indeed been out drinking at the club.

Now, the mission was clear: they needed to reestablish contact with their son or the mystery Uber driver who had come to his aid. With a hint of trepidation, Samantha’s husband dialled their son’s number, only to hear the same foreign voice on the other end. The Uber driver assured them that he had their son in the car and was on his way to the area where their son lived.

Their son’s friend stepped up to play a crucial role in this unfolding drama. He met the Uber driver on the main road, ensuring the safe handover of their son, who, by this point, was sound asleep, serenading the world with his snoring.

The relief that washed over Samantha and her family was palpable. How does one even begin to express gratitude for such an incredible act of kindness? This stranger from Rwanda had not only ensured their son’s safe return but had also offered a glimmer of hope when the shadows of doubt loomed large.

As a parent, this heartwarming incident underscored the power of kindness and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Samantha expressed her intention to locate and reward the Good Samaritan from Rwanda, whose actions had changed the course of their son’s life that early Sunday morning.

The Saviour messaged Samantha the next day. The thankful mom shared the messages with Good Things Guy.

Saviour: How’s he doing?

Samanatha: Oh my word. You are incredible. He is ok. Feeling very remorseful and rough and sad that he did that and put himself into such a silly and precarious situation. I can’t thank you enough. Please can I do something for you? I really would like to please.

Saviour: We actually just spoke he sounds fresh. At least he knows when to stop right, please don’t be angry at him He probably got a lesson from it, I’m sure of that. I was worried yesterday you will think it’s not true actually because I had his phone out of nowhere and calling you, it was confusing for you.

Samantha: Thank you. I’m actually still in shock and very exhausted. At first, I thought you were kidnapping him. As we had a young man kidnapped in our town 1 month ago. I was EXTREMELY scared. Also a bit confused as it was so early. I had also spoken to him after the rugby and he was very happy and with all his friends. I am so relieved you did what you did. If you send me your bank details I can at least gift you some money for your unbelievable kindness. I know you didn’t do this for money but my family just want to say thank you somehow. Thank you. You can take your friends out for a meal or something. Just a gesture of gratitude. 

The Rugby World Cup victory may have been a momentous occasion, but for one family in Cape Town, the real victory that day was the safe return of their son, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

The world can often seem fraught with challenges and uncertainties, but stories like this remind us that we live in an amazing country, one filled with hope and endless possibilities. Kindness knows no boundaries, and the simple act of helping a young man in distress illuminated the potential for goodness in all of us.

*Name changed to protect the family’s identity.

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