South Africans come together to assist an 11 year old hero

Hannah Katz

This is Hannah. She’s 11 and has life-threatning  stage 4 cancer. Her parents have started a crowdfunding page to get her the help to save her life and South Africans are coming to the rescue.


Hannah Katz is in many ways a typical 11-year-old. She likes dancing, singing and making everyone laugh. She is a prize-winning karate fighter. She has a smile that could light up a stadium. But a few weeks ago Hannah and her family heard news that has turned their world upside down.

“I got a really bad headache and I couldn’t sleep the whole night because it was really sore,” Hannah says in a video, her face beaming in contrast to the painful story she tells.

“Then it went away during the next day and then the next night the same thing happened. And then the next night and the next night…”

The headaches, it turns out, were brought on by a soft mass that had been silently growing inside her. They learned that what she had was a rare form of cancer called “embryonal parameningeal rhabdomyosarcoma”.

Doctors say the cancer is life-threatening and inoperable. But Hannah’s loved ones are hopeful and have already started taking action.

And Hannah’s a fighter. She’s had weeks of draining chemotherapy. Photos posted to social media show her in her hospital bed, a smile on her face and the soft fuzz of her hair thinned by the chemo.

There’s one big hope for her.

A new radiation process called Proton Beam Therapy allows greater amounts of targeted radiation that does not damage surrounding tissue. It’s her only real chance.

The problem is this targeted therapy is only available in the US – and it’s very expensive.

“We’ve worked hard, been responsible, planned ahead, saved, but not enough to get the only therapy that has any chance of killing the cancer inside her without killing the brain that makes her who she is,” says her anguished mom.

The treatment has already proven to be successful with other kids – in September 2014 it was reported that British boy, Aysha King, then 5-years-old, was cured of brain cancer after he had received Proton Beam Therapy in the US.

“We have reached out to family and friends for help, but need outside support as well. Time is of the essence,” Hannah’s mom begs.

A crowdfunding page has been set up and raised over $123,944 of the $500k goal in just 15 days. 

Hannah also designed a Relate bracelet comprised of bright coloured beads, which are available from the Relate Trust website. Funds from the sale of these special handmade bracelets will go towards treating the karate champ as well as creating jobs for people in low income communities. In the meantime, Hannah forges on.

And if she wins this battle, what is it Hannah wants to do?

“I want to go back to school and stuff…”

Click here to help Hanna or get more info.

Sources: GoFundMe
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