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A user on Reddit asked straight guys what was the most intimate thing they had ever done with another man, one guy’s answer was so heartwarming, we cried!


Sometimes guys are much more than their macho personas would have us believe. The modern man is open to all the heartwarming feeling that makes a friendship truly meaningful. We like to call it a “bromance” but it is so much deeper than just a funny hybrid name.

Recently on Reddit, Megapumpkin asked, “Straight guys of Reddit, what’s the most intimate moment you had with another guy?”. Naturally, the query was listed as “Not Safe For Work” because some of the answers might have been on the risque side but one guy shared a story that moved most of the users to tears.

We honestly sat reading the recollection with a quivering lip. His story was incredibly moving! Take a read below.

My best friend had muscular dystrophy. I’d been both his main bud for over ten years (all of which were past his life expectancy) and had to help him go to the bathroom, set up breathing machines, feed him, etc. All out of necessity and love at the same time.

When it became evident that his end was near, we refused to talk about it. I moved in with his family for a while just to be there with him, but we never discussed in words what was was going to happen… just kept hanging out as we always did.

One night, after about a week of getting up the courage to broach the subject, I asked him if he was afraid of dying. He said not at all, and that he was glad that I would finally be free of the burden of having to take care of him. This broke both of us.

This obviously was waaaay too much for either of us to handle and I laid in bed with him and we cried for what seemed like hours. We went over everything we needed to cover our feelings and our fears (and some logistics concerning certain things he wanted me to keep hidden from his mom).

He passed about a month after that, and after ten years since, I still wish I could go back and lay down with him and hold him and cry and tell him how much I love him and miss him.

Best bro spoon session I’ll ever have.

Our hearts feel so full! We then scrolled down and saw another beautiful moment shared between two friends.

My best friend passed from a brain tumour when we were both 19.

About 1 week prior to his passing, he was not remembering very much and he was continually eating without (due to the steroids and pain meds, I believe) going to the bathroom very often. He consumed way too much food over the course of a morning, around lunch he started vomiting in the most absurd projectile vomit stream you could ever imagine. 20 seconds of a stream the size of a fire hose going all over him, the couch, some on me and very little in the bowl I ran to grab him. The worst part was when it was done, and we were covered in vomit. He didn’t know who threw up or where it came from.

I picked him up, covered in vomit and carried him to the shower. He was embarrassed of his mom or any girls seeing him naked for some reason with vomit on him. I undressed him and bathed him myself. Helped him soap, shampoo, dry and dress. It was the last time I felt he even knew who I was.

I miss you, Ben

The world is full of good people.

Sources: Reddit
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