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Dr. Martin Krüger was on his way home when he spotted a man huddled over a crutch struggling to walk along, immediately something told him to stop and help!


Dr. Martin Krüger shared a story on his Facebook about an encounter he had with a man he saw walking on the side of the road. People have all commented on what a lovely story it was and what a great person Martin is but Martin believes that the story should focus on the recipient of his deed, Vukela. Martin believes he is a massive inspiration!

This is the beautiful story Martin shared:

“I experienced something beautiful today, and although I have really limited story telling ability I really wanted to share this with you……”

“Today I saw a man stooped over a bag, one crutch in hand, clearly exhausted and looking ahead to what was clearly an overwhelming task ahead. I drove past him, saw this and thought I heard a voice in my head tell me to “go help this guy, he needs it”.”

Martin quickly did a u-turn and went to the gentleman to offer assistance.

“I made a u-turn and stopped kind of sheepishly next to him, got out my car cautiously (hoping it’s not an elaborate ruse for my beautiful car and pretty much kakked myself as two dodgy guys walked past us). I asked him if he was OK and he just stared at me with intent but unable to speak.”

“He pulled out a pen and wrote on his hand “I am deaf”. “Can lip read” was his next sentence. I asked him if he is OK and where he’s going.”

“This poor guy was going to try WALK to Greenstone Hill taxi rank!!”

“There was no way I would let this happen, so I packed him and his at least 12kg carry-on bag, crutch, and backpack into the back seat and assisted him into the front seat of my car.”

Martin and his passenger began to exchange conversation by way of written words and lip reading.

“Turns out he’s partially disabled, deaf, mute, had dislocated his hip (which is why he was at Edenvale Hospital) and diabetic (also why he was at hospital).”

He had missed his initial taxi and needed to catch the 7pm one, the last one that would get him home that night. Martin knew the distance and taking in the man’s pace he knew the man would never have made his last taxi in time. The two communicated back and forth for a while.

“He was a pleasure…. I asked him if he works and he laughed out loud, spelling ” I love to study”, kind of hinting that he can’t work. So here’s the thing, it turns out he’s in his 4th year of a Travel/Tourism management course at Damelin and his name Vukela.”

“A Deaf, Mute, Disabled, Dislocated, Diabetic who has spent his time studying in what must be the most difficult circumstances made such an impact on me today that I emptied every last cent I had into his hand and helped him into his taxi like he was family.”

Vukela gestured a big thank you, the two swapped numbers and Martin insisted that if Vukela ever need assistance, he need only call! He ended off his Facebook post urging people to be grateful for all they have!

“While I drove home, tears streaming down my face from gratitude, I realised how unbelievably lucky we are. Please please please just take a moment and hug your family and look at your body, be grateful for EVERYTHING you have in life because we are so privileged it’s actually unreal.”

“As I write this (once again tears pouring down my cheeks – I’m a softy) I’m filled with hope that this country can be amazing and that if Vukela can do what he’s doing then YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!”

“Be the change you want to see in this world….”

Sources: Facebook
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