Honesty Bakery

The Honesty Bakery has a trust box instead of a cashier. Customers are trusted to pay correctly and the business is thriving because of it!


The Honesty Bakery is set up in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is owned by Ghazi Hassan Tass. There are no camera’s and nobody monitors the customers, not even the bakery staff.

At the end of each month Ghazi Hassan Tass opens the trust box, which is where people place their money for the purchases they make, and every month the amount inside the box equals what he should have earned that month.

“I wanted to try this idea, Can we really trust people?”, “And oh my God! People proved that they deserve to be trusted”

“And for those that cannot afford to buy it, it’s for free!”

The Honesty Bakery has been running for just over a year and a half now and the budget is getting bigger!

“It’s up by almost 50% compared to last year!”

“We trust you with no limits”

This isn’t the first time the concept has been thought of, honesty shops have been around for years and do surprisingly well! In 2013 a shop opened in Gimmelwald, Switzerland, by hotel owner David Waterhouse. He didn’t have funds to pay a shopkeeper so he left it for people to decide on their own. To be honest.

The concept is great! Especially because Ghazi Hassan Tass allows people that cannot afford to buy bread to take what they need so that they do not go hungry.

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