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Nkanyiso Shange overcame the odds by working hard and remaining positive. His hard work has paid off by graduating with honours and securing him a job that helps other students.


Nkanyiso Shange is an inspiration to so many people but especially the people he works with. One of his colleagues got in touch to share his very inspirational story with us.

Nkanyiso has had many financial constraints throughout his studies but never gave up and always worked really hard to access assistance and worked part-time to help cover his living costs.

“Nkanyiso has been with Cornerstone for 6 years. He came in on Academic Development and completed his BTh in Community Leadership majoring in Psychology degree in 4 years. He was awarded the Presidents award at graduation in 2015, but he was unable to attend (due to financial constraints). He then went on to do his BPsych Equivalency Honours degree and passed his HPCSA board exam this year with 80%.”
“[He] volunteered in the coffee shop during his first year (2012) and then worked as a student employee in the library for three years. In 2016 when he started his Honours programme, he began working as a campus employee in the Student Services Department. He will continue to work as a full-time staff member in 2018.” – Beverley, Cornerstone

We asked Nkanyiso what his advice for other students would be and he said,

“The best advice I will give to anyone who wants to accomplish their goals is to have faith in God, to be diligent. Moreover, be one of those who compose an outstanding merit on work ethic and who demonstrate absolute tenacity when chasing future goals.” 

His colleague Beverley wanted to share how proud she was and her excitement for his current position at the company becoming a permanent one.

“Nkanyiso has made all of us proud and has a heart for other students coming on Academic development because he knows first hand what the language barrier and other challenges are for some during their first year of tertiary education. ” – Beverley, Cornerstone

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