How A Grieving Widow Was Held With Kindness And Compassion At A Club Med
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Discover the heartwarming story of Club Med team members who, in a compassionate act of support, embraced a grieving guest during her first holiday without her beloved husband, reminding us of the profound impact of human connection.


Johannesburg, South Africa (13 July 2023) – This story is not what you think it is. I was supposed to review Club Med but I can’t.

I was recently in Mauritius and some have asked why I keep choosing Club Meds. Well, for one, they keep sending me to different resorts to review them and secondly, because they get it right… and then go above and beyond.

You’re going to want to read further than this. I promise it will be worth it.

I’ve now been to both of the Mauritius resorts, the Seychelles Club Med (which I cannot flipping wait to go back to) and to Bali. And yes, I can easily tell you about the incredible accommodation, beaches, budgie-smugglers (lol),the pools, the facilities, the gourmet cuisine, drinks, sports, childcare and everything else in between but I would rather focus on what Club Med is really about.

You see, it’s not just about the breathtaking locations or the luxurious amenities; it’s about the people – the heart and soul of the resorts.

During my stay at Bali Club Med a couple of years ago, I noticed something beautiful unfolding each evening. The team members, known as G.O.s (Gentle or Gracious Organisers), were taking turns to have dinner with an elderly lady. At first, it seemed like a small gesture, easily overlooked amidst the grandeur of the resort. I mean, the G.O.s have dinner with all the guests. But as the days went by, it became clear that there was something truly remarkable happening here; they weren’t “entertaining” her… they were really having dinner with her.

Curiosity got the better of me, and after a lively Zumba session one morning, I decided to ask the instructor about this endearing act of kindness as I had seen her with the elderly woman the night before.

Why were the G.O.s devoting so much care and attention to this particular woman? Was she a celebrity? Perhaps a Club Med VIP?

With a warm smile, the Zumba instructor shared the heartwarming truth behind what they were doing. It turns out that the elderly lady had spent a lifetime travelling the world with her beloved husband, visiting various Club Med resorts along the way. This trip to Bali was her first holiday without him, and the G.O.s, despite not knowing her personally, understood the depth of her loss. Driven by their compassion and a deep understanding of what Club Med means to its guests, the G.O.s made a pact. Every French-speaking team member would take turns having dinner with her, ensuring she never felt alone during her time at the resort. And what touched my heart even more was that they scheduled these dinner companionship sessions on their days off, going above and beyond their duties to truly be there for her.

That night when I saw another team member embrace that grieving woman, I couldn’t help but feel a lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes. It was a testament to the incredible capacity of the human heart to love and support, to bridge the gaps between strangers and create a sense of belonging.

In that moment, I realised that Club Med is not just a holiday destination – it’s a sanctuary where souls come together, where laughter and tears intertwine, and where the bonds formed can transcend time and space. It’s a place where the power of empathy reigns supreme and where even the smallest gestures can leave an indelible mark on a person’s life.

This, my friends, is the heart of Club Med and why I keep going back, even when I’m not reviewing the resorts. It’s my number one choice of holiday destinations and I cannot wait for my next Club Med adventure.

Ja, there is loads to do and see and love about their resorts but it’s the heart – that big loving heart – that keeps bringing me back.

And that is kinda my review (and a reminder to always be kinder than necessary or needed).

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Sources: Brent Lindeque | Good Things Guy 
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