Hugh Masekela

Hugh Masekela was an iconic South African, not only in his music but also in his fight for equality in South Africa. The music legend will be missed and this is how we shall remember him.


Yesterday South Africa lost another great man. Hugh Masekela was a legend in his own right, he became a famous musician and influenced the world with his style of Jazz. He was also a man with a fighting spirit, in both his early days and his last.

Hugh spent his young years, contributing to the fight for freedom and equality for all the black South Africans during Apartheid. He was an inspiration.

“I think it is incumbent on all human beings to oppose injustice in every form.” – Hugh Masekela

Hugh was born into a family of civil servants, his father was a health inspector and his mother, a social worker. He once spoke of running away to pursue his passion for music to avoid disappointing his family.

“I had to run away from home in order to be a musician. Because I came from a family of… my father was a health inspector; my mother was a social worker. And I was pretty smart in school. So they expected me to be some kind of academic – schoolteacher, or doctor, lawyer – and they were very disappointed when I told them I wanted to be a musician.” – Hugh Masekela

However, he became a famed musician, the father of South African jazz and he gave back to society in the most meaningful way imaginable, he fought for freedom. Today he is the furthest thing from a disappointment.

Throughout his life, he achieved great things. He was nominated for three Grammy’s in his lifetime. His song ‘Grazing in the Grass’ was nominated for Best Contemporary Pop Performance – Instrumental in 1968. Listen to it below.

Hugh Masekela was a great man, he will be missed. Rest in Peace Bra Hugh Masekela.

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