Three Brands have given the power to our youth. They have shown them that they can change their world. An experience they will never forget. One that will fuel them to be Changemakers.


Growing up in Kersiedorp, Eldorado Park, you would know what it feels like to be hungry until your head pounds and your stomach aches. You would also know the sound of gun shots, the sight of blood. Saturday’s are often spent at funerals of your brother, sister, aunty, uncle, mother or father – lost to suicide, murder or inadequately treated sickness.

These are the experiences that Samantha Toweel-Moore Founder of Growing Champions, NPO, has experienced first hand.


She has wiped tears from her Growing Champion children’s eyes. They are young men who are choosing to break the inherited cycle of poverty, shame, abuse, addiction , violence and gang crime. They choose to conquer these circumstances as a Champions defeats his opponents and grow into healthy leaders and change makers.

“Our Team are aware of the pressure on this community to survive. We have been working together for five years. Children often become a weight because they are another mouth to feed and their behaviour is typical of those exposed to repeated trauma and violence.” – Toweel-Moore

Toweel-Moore continues, “ Growing Champions choose to live by a code to build their lives, lead, serve, celebrate their blessings and unite. To alleviate stress on the families and enable the children to see their value and significance we began the, “It’s on me” campaign.”

Based on character such as initiative, perseverance, courage, service, team spirit and commitment, the GC’s were able to earn currency.

The top 8 leaders obtained a meal voucher to take their families out for a delicious meal.

Growing Champions approached their passionate and dynamic ambassador, actress, singer and radio presenter, Helen Desbois, to obtain some support to make this possible.

Three incredible Brands, Zomato, Zebra Cabs and Emperor’s Place, stepped right up and laid a table of family festivity.

“Imagine the excitement to be picked up from your doorstep by Zebra Cabs, driven to Emporers Palace to enjoy a buffet meal at Rosetta organised by the kind folk at Zomato.”

“Imagine the labels that will follow the young provider after this night – he will no longer be a weight but rather an investment.”

The family that have no space for a dinner table will get to sit down together and bond. These three brands are Champions of Change.

“This is the beauty of our country. Together we can make a difference. Leadership is learnt through experiences. Let’s continue to help our youth earn their way to greatness.”


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  1. So so so amazing!!! I’m soooo proud of you mommy!!! You are doing such amazing work with these young men!!! This is going to make such a big difference in their lives! Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!!! Go teamGC!!!

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