Inspiring South African fighting cancer completes Ironman Wales in the Top 25%

Ironman Wales

Richard Wright set off for Wales last week to take part in the Ironman and managed to finish in the top 25%. He is a massive inspiration to South Africans.


Last week we shared the inspiring story of Richard Wright, a man with terminal cancer who refuses to give up on his goals. Richard was gearing up to head off the Ironman Wales, the second toughest one in the world.

Hearing he may have to head back into hospital for brain surgery didn’t put a stop to his goal to get to Wales. He is also undergoing Chemo which leaves his body tired but has continued to train.

Talking to Richard last week before he went to Wales, we asked how he was feeling? He responded that it was a mix of emotions.

“Tired. Nervous. Stressed. Anxious. Excited. Worried.
I plan to try my best to just enjoy it.”

Richard did the race to raise funds for children with brain cancer and for the Rhino rescue project. He has refused to let his illness hold him back from living a life that makes the most impact.

“I’m so determined to make my life count. I have a lot to give. And I’m not going to survive for nothing!”

Richard came 379th overall out of 1884 participants. This means he finished in the top 25% of the second toughest Ironman in the world. Showing that Cancer can “Stuff It!”. His slogan is “Give It Horns” and that is exactly what he did.

This is so much bigger than me… Hours to go. #giveithorns #forrhinosandunicorns#fuckcancer#orcapod #strongereveryday #vsibikes #sbrsport

Posted by Richard Wright on Saturday, 9 September 2017

Sources: Facebook
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