Nicole Meyer was 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant when her little miracle was born.

On Monday 4th April she knew something wasn’t right, she had abnormal pains and was very uncomfortable, her husband took her to hospital to see her gynaecologist.

What the gynae saw was not anything he wanted to see.

Her water in her stomach had been leaking and has been forming a block in the cord. He told them their baby was dying & they had to have an emergency C-section.

Little Hayley was born weighing 650g and very very tiny, she is the most gorgeous little thing & her Mommy and Daddy are just so proud of her. Hayley has been up & down in health but they will not give up hope.

“She is our warrior princess, miracle baby.” says Hayleys father, Pieter Meyer.

A Facebook page entitled, A Test of Faith, has been set up to urge the community to pray for Hayley because her parents believe that prayer can help their premature baby survive.

This Facebook page includes daily updates, quotes and photographs, and people from all over South Africa, including residents in the Sandton area, have liked and shared this page.


Since 4 April, Hayley and her brave mother, Nicole, have been at Clinton Hospital in Alberton. Although Nicole has since been discharged from the hospital, Hayley remains in ICU.

Pieter said, “This is bittersweet because although my wife has been discharged, our little miracle baby still remains at the hospital.”

Pieter added that their medical aid did not permit his wife to stay in the hospital for longer than that.Hayley is very special to her parents because she is their first-born baby.

Pieter expressed his pride in his little girl when he said, “Hayley is flying, she is beyond exceptional. We are all amazed by our little fighter’s strength and how she is responding. Let me tell you, little miss Hayley Meyer is changing lives just by being here.”

Pieter continued by saying that dynamite came in small packages and that it was their miracle baby that kept them going. He added that the love around his family had given them an exceptional amount of strength.

“We cannot wait for Hayley to grow up so that we can tell her how she brought millions together in prayer.”

The love & support they have received is unfathomable, they need all the prayers they can get for Baby Hayley.

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