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Janey Lowes gave up her job in the UK and moved to Sri Lanka to save the lives of thousands of stray animals.


While backpacking through Sri Lanka in 2014 Janey Lowes was overwhelmed by the amount of stray animals living in the streets. Moved by her trip she decided to start the charity WECare Worldwide to work with the strays in Sri Lanka.

WECare Worldwide aims to catch, neuter and vaccinate strays, treat injured animals and educate locals on the responsibilities of dog ownership.

“We also train local vets and technicians up to a high standard and promote compassion and care within the role.”

The stray dogs of Sri Lanka are most prone to mange, injury due car’s as well as rabies. The charity treats a large variety of these ailments and so far has vaccinated over 1600 dogs against rabies and neutered over 1200 dogs in 2016.

Sri Lanka has about 3 million stray animals living on the streets and Janey Lowes has helped save over 5000 of them. Janey believes every animal deserves a chance so names each animal she works on even if it looks like they might not make it.

“I’m trying to fix animals that are almost beyond fixing with very little equipment”

Janey works for as long as possible before she returns home when money runs out, once back in the UK she saves as much as possible so she can head back to Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

“Sri Lanka is cheap to live, I did 18 months without a salary”

Janey was nominated for the Animal Hero Awards Vet of the Year 2016 and won. She was also awarded the Point of Light award, an award given to a volunteer who is making a difference in their community, by David Cameron.

“She has undoubtedly changed the fate of scores of vulnerable animals by protecting them from disease and providing much needed care. “I am recognising Janey as a Point of Light, not only for the positive impact she’s had through helping animals in need, but also for the countless people that will have been protected from rabies by her work.” – David Cameron.

Janey believes this is a very important work which is why she gave up everything to make sure the animals got the care they deserved. She said:

“It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, but it gives me the most amazing sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction. I love it!”

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