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Jeremy Mansfield was hospitalised for two months with a rare infection, two spinal operations later he is finally home and he managed to stay the Jeremy we love.


Jeremy Mansfield is a beloved public figure in South Africa so when the news broke that he was severely ill, his social media was flooded with love and support. He was diagnosed with a rare infection which led to the development of a growth on his spinal cord. He had numerous operations and white blood cell infusions during his two month hospital stay.

As scary as the entire ordeal was, Jeremy kept his sense of humour and it showed through in his light-hearted updates on Facebook. He likened himself to Frankensteins Monster and queried whether his doctors were just bored. He also informed us that the theatre underpants were not helping anyone in the pretty department.

Thankfully his latest update was to let us all know that he is home safe. Whoohoo! We were so happy to read the good news.

“Can’t wait to get home and recoup after what has been a long, sometimes boring, most times painful and on a few occasions very scary 2 months. Thanks to all the doctors and staff at STUNNINGhill Hospital, to all the prayers that went up and their originators but especially to Jacqui who has borne the brunt of many things while I have been unaware. A true partner and mate.”

When he arrived home, he was showered with love from almost all his pets and treated to some of his favourite things.

“Back home!!!!! Licks from the doggies, all of the cats showed total disinterest in me (which as a cat owner is a VERY high accolade) and also to the best welcome home surprise. My absolute favourites, Banoffee pie and a butterscotch latte. Thank you Jax, you Star!”

We are so happy that Jeremy is home and will be working on making a full recovery.

“Thank you again for all your support. Now hopefully some downtime with the family to get strong. (P.S. I’ve lost a load of weight! P.P.S. I wouldn’t recommend this as the way to do it though!)”

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