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A JMPD officer’s story is being shared far and wide for helping a Joburger who was fearing for his life.


The police-officer may have just been doing his job but his actions certainly are a beacon of hope for South Africans restoring some faith in our police department.

Tendai Joe was on his way to Pretoria from Soweto when a suspicious black BMW 5 series with four occupants seemed to be following him.

The suspicious vehicle’s number plates were not readable and the car was mimicking all of Joe’s movements.

“They flicked their brights twice and there I knew it was game on. I wanted to use the M1, but decided I should use the N1. When I indicated to change lanes, they also indicated.”

Joe was driving alone and was starting to fear for his life. The suspicious car kept flashing their lights and following his movements, every turn, every flicker, every swerve.

Luckily the heavy rain meant that the roads were soaked and the BMW could not speed up as much as they wanted.

The fearful driver kept looking for anyone that he could signal, hoping to find police officers on the way. He made a decision to take the offramp to Randburg with the idea to drive straight to the police station but luckily found a police officer on the side of the road.

:I decided to take the Malibongwe Drive off-ramp, and there I found a JMPD vehicle with one officer.”

“I stopped some meters away and he asked me why I was stopping because he didn’t stop me. Told him that there was a suspicious vehicle that had been following me on the N1 and I had taken Malibongwe off-ramp just to lose them.”

Officer Williams Gregory immediately calmed Joe down and told him not to worry. He asked Joe where he was going and offered to escort him to make sure he got home safely.

“He offered to escort me up to Allendale off-ramp. And in deed Officer Williams Gregory made me feel safe.”

“Thank you for your dedication and willingness to serve selflessly. SA Law enforcement need more officers like you.”

It may sound like a police officer was ‘just doing his job’ but stories like this restore faith in a service in South Africa that has had a terrible reputation in the past. Negative press about police officers usually spreads like wildfire but it seems positive stories do too.


Since Joe posted the photos of Officer Williams Gregory, they have seen thousands of shares and even more positive comments.

Kholofelo Kgope commented: “well done to the officer for doing his job passionately and not for expecting anything in return . may he inspire many more to follow in his shoes. dankie”

CJ Koenig added: “Well done respect to the officer making the honest citizens of this beautiful country are kept safe. There should be more like you around, always willing to help the public.🖒”

Kitima Lekitima said: “Big Ups for Officer Williams Gregory. We need Law Enforcement Officers like him who understands what it means to Serve and Protect”

Rozelle Jonker stated: “Thanks for sharing positive news! We need more caring people like him in SA!”

Zizikazi Mlokoti posted: “What a refreshing story, this makes me proud to be South African.”

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