Kind Stranger Saves a Life During Stage 6 Load Shedding!
Photo Cred: Bryan Ndlovu | Supplied

Amidst Stage 6 Load Shedding in South Africa, Bryan, battling chronic lung disease, received an inverter to help him with his oxygen tanks, as a gift from a random stranger, shining a beacon of hope during dark times.


Johannesburg, South Africa (08 September 2023) – In a world where headlines are often dominated by negativity, it’s important to remember that kindness still prevails, even in the darkest of times.

This heartwarming story began when I shared a post about South Africa’s dire situation as we moved into Stage 6 load shedding again. Little did I know that this post would lead to an incredible outpouring of compassion and a lifeline for a brave South African fighting to survive.

In my post, I expressed the collective frustration and anxiety that grips our nation during load shedding. Stage 6 load shedding meant that our areas would be without power for a staggering 11.5 hours, plunging us into a state of chaos and uncertainty. Traffic snarls, communication breakdowns, and the inability to meet basic needs were just some of the challenges we faced.

But in the midst of these challenges, my message carried a powerful call to action: to be kinder to one another, to lift each other up during these trying times. It was a reminder that even when life is unkind to us, we can choose to respond with kindness.

“Simply put: we are all facing something very cruel and incredibly unkind. But we cannot let the cruel make us unkind. And we cannot let the unkind make us cruel. If every person who reads this made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, and whoever you deal with, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary – the world really would be a better place.‬ And we all deserve a better place right now.”

Bryan Ndlovu, a resilient South African who has battled Chronic Lung Disease since the age of 13, responded to my post. He shared the heartbreaking reality that he had to book himself into a hospital just to access the oxygen he needed during Stage 6 load shedding.

“Imagine I’ve to book myself into a hospital bed, just because I don’t have enough oxygen cylinder to last me that long, while I wait for loadshedding to end.”

Bryan’s life had been marked by adversity, including a kidney infection at 21 that left him completely reliant on oxygen by the age of 23. Moved by Bryan’s plight, I asked for his permission to share his story on my Facebook page, hoping to rally support and love from the community. The response was nothing short of incredible. Hundreds of messages poured in, offering Bryan hope, strength, and a sense of unity in these trying times.

Among those who took action was a kind-hearted individual named *Lindsi.

Inspired by Bryan’s story, she decided to purchase and gift an inverter to him, illuminating his life during the darkest hours of load shedding.

When asked about her inspiration, Lindsi shared, “We can’t be praying for miracles in our own lives if we refuse to be the miracle in someone else’s when the opportunity presents itself.”

Her words echo the sentiment that small acts of kindness can create profound change.

Kind Stranger Saves a Life During Stage 6 Load Shedding!
Photo Cred: Lindsi | Supplied

Bryan’s reaction upon receiving the inverter was one of disbelief, overwhelming gratitude, and tears of joy. His life had been filled with broken promises, but this act of kindness, delivered by Lindsi, brought a newfound sense of hope. The inverter, a seemingly simple device, has the power to extend the life of Bryan’s oxygen cylinders during load shedding, reducing his need for frequent trips to the hospital. It grants him a sense of mobility and freedom that he hasn’t experienced in a long time.

In Bryan’s own words, “I have never felt so much love from a stranger. Thank you so much.” This small act of generosity made an immeasurable impact on his life.

This story is a testament to the resilience and kindness that define our nation, even in the face of adversity. In the words of John Keats, “Impossible is for the unwilling.” South Africans have always been known for our ability to make a plan, to support one another, and to rise above challenges.

As we navigate these difficult times of load shedding and uncertainty, let Bryan’s story and Lindsi’s act of kindness serve as a reminder that we are never truly alone. We have the power to lift each other up, to be the miracles in each other’s lives, and to choose kindness, even when faced with cruelty.

In closing, Bryan had a message for all South Africans who showed him incredible kindness during his darkest days: “I will never forget this moment and time of my life. Love you all.”

Let us remember that the power of kindness knows no bounds, and together, as a nation, we can rise by lifting others.

*Lindsi asked for only her first name to be used.

Sources: Bryan Ndlovu | Lindsi | Good Things Guy 
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