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The Kitty and Puppy Haven have taken to social media to thank all the people involved in saving the animals during a fire on their premises.


The Kitty and Puppy Haven owners woke up to a shock on the 10th of June 2018. Part of their sanctuary had been engulfed in flames. They managed to rescue all the dogs and puppies in the area where the fire had started.

While the sweet animals were safe and sound, the haven had lost a massive amount of food used to feed the dogs as well as a number of kennels.

The public response since the incident has been phenomenal. People have been making donations of cash and food to help get the haven back to where it was before the fire. They are also accepting donations of bedding, building supplies and volunteers looking to offer their time to rebuild.

Since the incident, the haven has been thanking all the people that worked hard to put out the fire. These heroes have really made a massive impact.

“We would like to introduce you to our heroes from JMPD Midrand who came to the sanctuary’s rescue in the early hours of Sunday morning. The officers were driving past and saw the smoke, they immediately entered the sanctuary, saw what was going on and sprang into action grabbing hoses and fire extinguishers to help us fight the fire until the fire department arrived. We are forever in their debt. Thank you Station Commander Joseph Kambaka, you can be so proud of your officers. Officer LH Madzhiga, Officer JM Aphang and Officer F Molai you are true heroes”

“COSMO CITY STATION 30 you are our absolute superstars and we are forever in your debt. Although not their area, this team responded to our frantic calls for assistance on Sunday morning. Acting Platoon Commander Thavhana, firefighters Ledwaba, Didishe, Metshiiaphala, Madibana Thank you and God bless you from all of us and our animals at Kitty and Puppy Haven.”

“The last of the amazing heroes who need a huge round of applause and our sincere gratitude for their speedy response and absolute dedication. ER 24 Medics. Thank you for attending to our staff Sunday morning in their time of need. You are incredible”

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