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Connie Burch and her neighbour are dedicating their free time to knitting ‘Beenies for the Homeless’. The idea started in 2016 when Connie knit beanies for new born babies.


Connie befriended a woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, that has a feeding scheme for the homeless in winter. The friend pointed out that the homeless she feeds spend their nights out in the cold every winter.

Connie was moved by this idea and decided to start a small personal project called ‘Beenies for the Homeless’.

Connie told a few people about her idea to start knitting “beenies” and her neighbour decided to join and help with the knitting project. Another person who heard about this personal project was Maya Sawika.

Maya is the person that reached out to us here at Good Things Guy, she hoped that we could share the story to see in anyone would want to join in on the project.

“Connie and her husband are pensioners, but certainly always open hearts for others in need.”

“We are in CPT – Brooklyn. An underprivileged place with many, many homeless people. But there are good people, who care. Connie is one of them. She is terminally ill, her lungs have collapsed and is connected to oxygen 24/7 but she cares.”

Connie and her neighbour started knitting yesterday, the 1st of March 2017. Their goal is to knit 100 “beenies” for the personal project. They do however invite anyone that wants to join in on the project to do so. Connie is also welcoming anyone that would like to donate wool to the project. If you would like to do so, you can email her here,

Connie will also send the pattern if you want to start knitting your own batch.

“Starting early with our project “beenies for the homeless”. We hope to make hundred before winter really sets in. All welcome to join us.”

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Sources: Maya Sawika / Connie Burch

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