Heartwarming Story: Joburg man is reunited with his lost dog after three years

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By chance a man stumbled onto a ‘Found’ post of a dog that looked really similar to a dog he lost three years earlier. Turns out is was his lost dog!


A woman had seen a post on her local Facebook group about a dog that had been lost, on a second page she spotted a very similar looking dog that had been found and decided to screenshot the image to see if they were the same dog.

Sadly for the family of the missing dog, it wasn’t her. Then one man spotted the post and shared a picture of his lost dog named Vato. His name is Allen Rangel Almeida and his dog Vato has been missing for three years. Allen consoled the family of the other missing dog and wished them well in their search while the family in return hoped that the dog was in fact his lost dog.

“I had lost all hope … I came across this post by chance…. Its been 3 years since I last had seen our pom. I always thought of him though… You will be reunited with your pup. I hope u find your pup. Blessings.”

He then attempted to contact the person who had found the dog to confirm if the dog was his or not. Allen then went to see if the dog was Vato and guess what…

“Its him. He ran into my arms. I last saw him in 2014…. So good to have him back. Tears of joy”

“I am so shocked. I still can’t believe it. He had been gone for 3 years…. How he survived will remain a mystery to me….I am so thankful. When I saw him today I looked for any difference in mannerisms, looks, face shape, you name it. I could not find any difference…Only difference I saw was he had a few slight Grey hairs but not too much… Lol God is good. To me, it’s a miracle. Thank you so much”

Lost Dog

Sources: I Love Fourways 
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