Love on Ice: South African Couple's Dream Wedding in Antarctica
Photo Cred: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Supplied

South African couple who won the “Love on Ice” competition embarked on an extraordinary journey to exchange vows in Antarctica, showcasing love, adventure, and the magic of unique beginnings.


Antarctica (14 November 2023) – They did it!!! The “Love on Ice” couple are officially married.

In a heartwarming tale of love and adventure, a fortunate South African couple have just celebrated their “wedding of a lifetime” in the ethereal landscapes of Antarctica. While they are not the first South African duo to exchange vows on this pristine continent (the team found out another wedding actually took place in 2016), they are the pioneers in clinching this extraordinary opportunity through a “Good Things Guy/Ultima Antarctic Expeditions” competition.

The “Love on Ice” competition was a remarkable opportunity for couples to win a truly unique wedding experience in the pristine wilderness of Antarctica. The competition, featured on Good Things Guy, stirred excitement and curiosity across the nation. Couples from all walks of life shared their beautiful stories and dreams, hoping to be the fortunate pair to exchange their vows in this otherworldly setting.

Carli and Paul were selected from thousands of entries.

Love on Ice: South African Couple's Dream Wedding in Antarctica
Photo Cred: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Supplied

The journey to this icy paradise was not without its twists. The anticipated Antarctica trip was postponed due to weather conditions, leading to the couple, accompanied by renowned adventurer Riaan Manser, embarking on this unparalleled experience without the presence of Brent Lindeque, who was committed to a charity event in Durban.

The lucky couple shared their excitement and nerves as they prepared for a wedding organised by Ultima Antarctic Expeditions. Describing the logistical intricacies of organising a wedding ceremony and reception in Antarctica, the couple expressed a mix of nervousness and excitement, not knowing what to expect in this remote and enchanting setting.

“Yes, we were very nervous! Trying to organise a wedding in just a few days … but we were very excited! First, to hear if we had won Brent Lindeque and Riaan Manser’s AMAZING competition… we were SO nervous, waiting for the announcement. And then, after we won: the rest was a blur! Trying to get everything ready, making lists, reading everything we could about Antarctica. And then we realised we weren’t just going on an amazing trip, but we were getting married,” Carli explained.

The event was seamlessly coordinated as part of Ultima’s expedition, “The Ultima Day,” offering a whirlwind 5.5-hour journey from Cape Town to Antarctica, packed with magical experiences and a swift return within 24 hours. Strict adherence to international protocols and permits ensured the protection of Antarctica’s pristine biodiversity.

Love on Ice: South African Couple's Dream Wedding in Antarctica
Photo Cred: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Supplied

Friends and family initially expressed surprise at the unconventional wedding location, but as the uniqueness of the situation sank in, tears of love and joy flowed. The couple’s meticulous preparation for the environmental impact of their wedding showcased their commitment to preserving the pristine wilderness. Even their bouquet was a Lego creation, symbolising the couple’s dedication to leaving only footprints in this untouched landscape.

Love on Ice: South African Couple's Dream Wedding in Antarctica
Photo Cred: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Supplied

Carli and Paul recounted unexpected and memorable moments during the ceremony, including the surreal sound of ice crunching beneath their feet and a brief pause in the wind, creating a magical silence for their vows.

“When we were standing at the ceremony, at one point things went quiet, and we could hear thousands of tiny pieces of ice being blown on the ice around us … and it made this tinkling noise, like little bells, a musical sound … that was insane! Also, we weren’t expecting how cold it was … we knew it would be cold, BUT that wind chill,” Carli said.

“Just before we said our vows, as we were staring into each other’s eyes, the wind just stopped, for a moment … almost like it did so just for us … for our once-in-a-lifetime moment,” Paul said.

Riaan Manser, who played a crucial role in orchestrating the memorable experience, emphasised the goal of making it the best day of the couple’s lives.

“We dreamed of making this couple’s experience the best day of their lives – and we believe we came very, very close! Every part of the expedition ran like clockwork, with our full teams in Cape Town and in Antarctica. Together, we were able to show how visits to this extraordinary continent can be done with a ‘light touch’, and maximum respect for this pristine, sacred place.”

As the couple reflects on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they express a commitment to continuing their adventurous journey together.

In the words of the newlyweds, “We hope we never stop adventuring together. We should never forget why we were there together and the promises we made to each other. Yes, we will ensure we never stop adventuring, in our marriage!”

The Love on Ice competition has not only given Carli and Paul a unique start to their married life but has also added another heartwarming chapter to the Good Things Guy legacy of celebrating extraordinary moments.


Love on Ice: South African Couple's Dream Wedding in Antarctica
Photo Cred: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Supplied

Sources: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions | Good Things Guy | BrentLindeque | Riaan Manser
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