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On the 2nd December this year, the Madswimmer team will take part in another world first – attempting to set the record for the fastest 100km challenge.


And as if this wasn’t hard enough – they will be doing it 20kms from shore, in shark infested waters off the KZN south coast.

Why? To raise funds for their 10 chosen children’s charities AND to raise awareness to the protection and conservation of sharks.

By swimming among these Apex Predators for 12 – 15 hours, unprotected, the Madswimmer team want to demonstrate humans are more likely to be killed by their kitchen toasters than being killed by a shark, while humans kill more than 100-million sharks annually, mostly for a really expensive soup in Asia.

Sharks are among Earth’s oldest forms of life. They have been around 200 million years before the first dinosaurs. Beside their icon status, the loss of sharks will have detrimental effects on the ecological stability of marine environment. Sharks are in real trouble and need all the help they can get.

Twenty swimmers (16 South Africans and 4 Israelis) have enrolled to take part. They have all been medically screened and had to prove their strength by complying with long distance swim speed criteria set for this swim.

Highlighting one of SA’s own natural world features, swimmers will use the Agulhas Current to give them speed. The Agulhas is an extraordinary South African feature, which has a strong impact on local and regional weather and climate.

It is one of the fastest and strongest flowing currents in the world.


Route: With the help of an Oceanographer, Lisa Guastella, they determined the optimum route. The swim will start about 20 km offshore from Park Rynie, KZN, and end near Port Edward.

Expert support: Their team leader is Dr Jean Harris, Pew Marine Conservation Fellow, Wildlands Seas for Life Programme Director and boat manager of ANGRA PEQUENA, Marine Research, Conservation and Training Vessel, which will also be their mother vessel for the Great Shark Swim.

Their medical support is headed up by emergency medical specialist, Dr Sean Gottschalk.

Swimmer safety in the sea will be taken care of by Roland Mauz of African Dive Adventures and 4 diving ducks to support swimmers in the sea. Two kayaks will lead the way in front.

Giving back: As always, the swim will raise funds for Madswimmer’s 10 registered children’s charities.

Madswimmer has raised over $800 000 for charity over the past 9 years, and aims to add to that number substantially with this swim.

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