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Spencer Kitson shared a moving story about stopping a man from jumping off a bridge. In just one day his life has been turned around, giving thanks to all.


Spencer Kitson changed Isaac Dinkebogile’s life when he stopped to talk him off a bridge. We shared the story yesterday and in just one day hundreds of people have reached out to help Isaac get back on track.

Overwhelmed and thankful Isaac wrote a small note giving thanks to everyone who had offered to help or sent him encouraging emails.

“From having gone from feeling nothing, worthless and hopeless with my spirit broken, all I wanted to do was make it end forever as I had lost my inner strength, I had lost my WHY for the greater purpose.

Its amazing how in a matter of hours I went from feeling hopeless to having an unbelievable sensation of hope for a better life and future for both my daughter and I.

I am incredibly overwhelmed by the kindness love and all of those who have and are reaching out to me, I am so happy and not only am I feeling happy but it is a happiness that origins from within, I feel free.

I am going to be able to take a shower, sleep on a proper mattress tonight and am so excited, I feel I am going to sleep like a baby!

Thank you, Thank you.” – Isaac M Dinkebogile

Since the original post Spencer has shared how people have been generous. Isaac managed to get some accommodation and is being fed well. People have donated Mr. Price vouchers which has enabled him to get some new work outfits. He was also given a new haircut which he is so chuffed with.

And in just one week… Spencer has also managed to get him full time work.

“It has been an incredibly busy and life changing week for Isaac – Not only did he finally get a chance to see his daughter, but I am glad to announce that he has secured a full-time job which is due to start in September… Thank you to every single person who has reviewed his CV and assisted in helping him find a job.”

Isaac and Spencer’s story has proved that even one moment can change someones entire life for the better.

Sources: Spencer Kitson
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