A South African man was lost and incredibly stressed while driving around a town he had never been too but a man gave him handwritten directions which he retraced to find and thank his rescuer.


Robbie Irlam was helping a friend out by collecting a car and driving it to Port Elizabeth. He traveled from his home town of Jefferies Bay to Newcastle to collect the car and deliver it to his friend.

Robbie was planning to rely on his Google Maps app on his phone for directions. Just outside of Pietermaritzburg he went to switch the directions on only to find that his phone was not connected to the internet.

“Apart from being unused to the the cell I have, as well as being technically challenged, I had no idea how to reconnect to the net.”

Driving towards the city Robbie decided he would drive into the city centre and find someone who could give him directions. By this time it was already dark outside, he had no idea as to which route he was on or way was the right direction.

Robbie ended up in a part of town that didn’t feel safe, there were taxi’s and people everywhere. He started to feel very nervous and unsettled about the dangers he could have been in.

Quickly he rerouted and spent another hour trying to navigate a way out.

“I happened across three Muslim gentlemen who had just come from their local mosque and asked for directions.”

“No problem, one of them asked for my cell and proceeded to sort the phone out and get the app up and running.”

While one of the gentlemen fixed Robbie’s map app, another went into his home and wrote out the directions on a piece of paper so that if the phone failed again, there would be a hard copy.

“It took ten minutes for the guys to sort out my phone and get the app up and running. Was I relieved! I now had written directions as well as my phone to get me out of the predicament I was in.”

Truly grateful for these guys bothering to help me out and only wish I had taken their details so’s I could thank them for their kindness…”

Robbie made it to where he needed to be after all the help he had received.

He also kept the handwritten directions and used them to retrace his journey back to the home where the gentleman copied the directions.

He was able to find the exact address of his rescuer and wrote a (handwritten) letter to thank the man for his kindness and willingness to help.


Sources: Robbie Irlam
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