One mans post about marriage to his wife is going viral and inspiring thousands of others to express their love for each other.


Dale Partridge, a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Founder at often posts about his wife and their relationship but this post has been picked up by social media users and is being shared far and wide because it matters and it shows us a beautiful side of love.

“Men are so worried that marriage will leave them with “only one woman” for the rest of their lives.”

“That’s simply not true.”

“I fell in love with a 19-year-old rock climber, married a 20-year-old animal lover, started a family with a 24-year-old mother, then built a farm with a 25-year-old homemaker, and today I’m married to a 27-year-old woman of wisdom.”

“If your mind is healthy, you’ll never get tired of “one woman”. You’ll actually become overwhelmed with how many beautiful versions of her you get to marry over the years.”

“Don’t say no to marriage, say yes and keep saying yes until the day you die.”

The post has been shared over 300 000 times and has over 700 000 likes, inspiring others to share love stories of their significant others.

Kelly Martin commented: “Been married to the same old gal for nearly 40 years, why in the hell would many one want more than one woman. She has been all I want or need as long as I can remember”

Daniel Irwin Dated added: “a 17 year old free spirit, fell in love with a 19 year old trainee accountant , married a independent 21 year old beauty, bought a house with a 22 year old taking on the world, built a home with a 25 year old women going places, journeyed into parent hood with a 26 year old caring, grace filled new mother , added another little girl to the mix with my 28 year old best friend! Here’s to many more years Rach Irwin”

Jim Smith also posted: “And when she gets a little older (I won’t say how old) she stands besides you, stands up for you, and is your #1 fan and encourager. She (Kim Smith) is the only one that I’d marry all over again and again and again!”

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