Faith like potatoes as ‘millions’ of South Africans gather in Bloemfontein for massive prayer meeting hosted by Angus Buchan.

“We are tired of people taking the law into their own hands.  We are going to call upon The Lord to bring justice‚ peace and hope to our beloved South Africa‚” Buchan said in a statement on his website.

The seed for the gathering was planted when a WhatsApp video did the rounds with a desperate outcry for Buchan or any other spiritual leader in South Africa to intervene and arrange such an event. When Buchan replied by posting a video on social media, he received 1,8 million responses within hours.

Buchanan is well known for his television sermons and the popular move‚ Faith like Potatoes‚ based on his book by the same title.

The official number of attendees has not been published as yet but many photos from the day have been released already.

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Sources: Angus Buchan | Facebook | Twitter
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  1. Micheal is clearly not a citizen of South Africa ,he doesnt care about the country and the people .Please leave us who believe and pray we dont ask for your input .We pray because we see our people’s pain and suffering,our beautiful country going from bad to worst .What are you doing ,mocking us and judging us

  2. Never stop believing in our Saviour Jesus Christ Almighty Lord our Father.. The power of prayer yet again demonstrated He is alive in all of our hearts…Never stop believing!!!!

  3. God bless you as you pray together in unity for God to pour out his spirit upon the content of Africa specially for the area of south Africa.Do keep the country of South Sudan in your prayers.I was there a number of years ago and there were many challenges then and things appear to be worse now however God is able to move and bless in ways that leave us amazed.

  4. I love this beautiful and powerful outpouring of prayer….Blessings and Shalom on you all!! Continue always as HE will answer!! HE IS FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE ALL HIS PROMISES!!

  5. That’s the power of coming together unitedly.. Surely God will come and He has come.God blesz SA.Our Nation Solomon Islands is also waiting for God standing and praying like what you did and surely believing God will visit our nation.God bless SA.

  6. We should have more of these mass prayers in our country..GOD hears our prayers fact we should have a 24 chain prayerline going on for all our people its amaazing what our LORD can do if we humble ourselves…

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