Meet Sabrina Khoosal: A Young Female Scientist Transforming the Beauty Industry with Eco-Friendly Innovations!
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Sabrina Khoosal, a young female scientist at L’Oréal South Africa, is revolutionizing the beauty industry with environmentally conscious products while encouraging more young girls to pursue careers in science.


Johannesburg, South Africa (03 July 2023) – Sabrina Khoosal, a passionate and driven young scientist, is making waves in the beauty industry by pioneering environmentally conscious products as a Hair Development Scientist at L’Oréal South Africa.

With a background in green chemistry and a commitment to environmentalism, Sabrina combines her scientific expertise with her partnership with water remediation company PIMECO to create positive change.

Joining L’Oréal as a research intern in 2021, Sabrina quickly rose through the ranks and now holds a vital role in the Hair Care and Manageability division. In the lab, she excels in product formulation, ensuring quality, safety, and performance. As a project leader, she skillfully manages various stakeholders and processes, taking projects from initial marketing briefs to successful launches.

Driven by curiosity from a young age, Sabrina was naturally drawn to a career in science. She views creation as an art form, whether it’s preparing a meal or solving complex puzzles. Chemistry, with its ability to transform “something” from “nothing,” became her passion.

“Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed science. I had fantastic science teachers as role models who encouraged me to follow this path. The beauty industry involves a complex network of various science domains, for example chemistry, biology, and computer sciences just to name a few – and the opportunities are endless!”

Sabrina finds immense satisfaction in her role at L’Oréal as it allows her to apply her scientific knowledge to practical products she uses daily. The most exciting part of her job is seeing the tangible results of her hard work on store shelves, ready to be used and appreciated by people.

As a young female scientist leading the charge for environmentally friendly beauty products, Sabrina encourages other young individuals, especially girls, to consider careers in the sciences. She firmly believes that the world needs more scientists to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, emphasizing the importance of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that young minds bring to the table.

“The world needs scientists. This is because we encounter science every day and it is at the forefront of problem-solving. We need scientists to ask the important questions that allow us to solve the problems of tomorrow today. We need to keep encouraging young people to enter the field, because they approach challenges with fresh ways of thinking and innovative ideas – young people will keep the industry moving forward.”

From a female standpoint, Sabrina recognizes the need for greater representation in the male-dominated field of chemistry. L’Oréal has provided her with a platform to utilize her chemistry skills in an industry she is truly passionate about. She aims to debunk misconceptions surrounding the beauty industry and highlight the depth of science that goes into creating the products found on store shelves.

When inspiring young girls aspiring to be scientists, Sabrina emphasizes that science opens endless possibilities, and with determination, they can achieve anything. She believes in empowering young minds to embrace science and its problem-solving potential, knowing that their unique perspectives will keep the industry moving forward.

Sabrina Khoosal is a shining example of a young female scientist making a difference in the beauty industry through her dedication to green chemistry, innovation, and environmental consciousness. Her work serves as an inspiration to all, showing that science and beauty can go hand in hand, creating a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

Sources: Sabrina Khoosal | Eclipse 
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