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Candice King and her mother have started raising funds to buy proper housing for a family they met in the Molweni township near Waterfall, the goal is R 35K!


Candice King and her mother where driving passed the Molweni township near Waterfall when they met a family of 9 living in a cramped shack. The family are currently living in a 2 room tin house with nothing holding the roof down.

“I came across a family of 9 that live in a 2-roomed tin house that has no flooring, kitchen, bathroom nor toilet, and the roof is not attached to the walls.”

They started a crowdfund to raise money to buy the family a 4 room wooden house that will provide a bit more space and also shelter the family from the elements as winter gets closer.

“I’d like to raise enough money to buy them at least a 4-roomed wooden house that will keep them warm and dry during winter. R35000 is not enough to build a house with a bathroom and toilet, but it’s enough to provide the family with shelter.”

The goal amount has been set at $3,500.oo and so far they have raised $230.00 thanks to 5 backers. They will be raising funds until the 1st of June in the hopes of reaching the goal. Candice thanked the people that have donated so far,

“Everyone, this is great! I cannot wait to share photos of their new house when we reach our goal. Yay!” – Candice King

A few of the backers also commended her gracious deed! To see the crowdfunding page click here.

“The world needs more people like you Candice ❤” – Emma Smith

raising funds

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