Heroic neighbour jumps over fence to build shelter for dog left out in the storm

A heroic Durban man saw a dog chained to a pole during the Durban storms and decided to save the pup and build him a shelter.


Daryl Akumu Naidu took to Facebook after seeing the poor dog left in the cold storm, chained to a pole. He phoned the SPCA animal shelter to assist but they were inundated with cases due to the storm.

Daryl felt that he was out of options and couldn’t just leave the dog in the cold, so he decided to jump the fence to build a shelter.

“This just pissed me off… I apologize for my language but im not going to let this baby die in the cold and rain. I called the SPCA but they couldnt assist me due the number of cases they have due to the storm.”


Watch the video below:

Daryl threw all the off-cut wood he could find over the wall and proceeded to build a temporary shelter for the dog, to keep him safe from the storm.

“Even though he ripped my jeans I worked in the rain, burnt out my jigsaw and drill then i had to go old school hammer and nails. When the owner got home i gave him a very fruity warning.”

“Even though he gave me R100 for my troubles I still reported him because animals are more important than ‘some’ human beings. If you think owning a pet is to have it chained its whole life then you my friend are an arsehole x 10.”

“Im just glad thats one dog that is going to have a good sleep in his new ‘nightmarish’ kennel.”

The case has been reported to the SPCA, who will still be visiting the house to make sure the dog is being looked after and even though the kennel might be temporary, the post is forever and has gone viral, raising a lot of awareness about animal abuse in South Africa.

Users on social media have applauded Daryl for his heroic act.

Angelique Pepler posted: “Well done I am so happy people like you still exist, you are a true hero in my eyes. Please never change. This poor dog will never forget thank you.

Yushavia Pillay added: “Well done for your efforts and not letting the rain deter you. I commend you and I’m sure that fur baby rested a whole lot better because of it.”

Michelle Sandler said: “Thank you for doing this!!! I hope the SPCA does something about this! What if the dog needs to get away with all this flooding going on and can’t because it is chained.”

Kyle Raffle commented: “Daryl the world needs more people like you brother!! Well done for standing up for those that can’t speak.”

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Sources: Facebook
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