Pheello Chris Mlotshwa

No farmer. No food. No future.


One South African has gone viral and inspired thousands of others after pledging to protect all Farmers, no matter what their race, or where they come from… to protect our future!

Pheello Chris Mlotshwa, took to Facebook to make his statement about Farmers in South Africa.

“I m a South African born in the farm 36 years ago. The farm raised me and schooled me… the hate and racial insults we come across daily wont change my mind about farmers.”

“I have been called ugly names by my fellow South Africans of different colour where we not agreeing on something.”

“When we talk about farmers we dont talk about certain race, those are our brothers and sisters who keep the country going by making sure we have enough to eat and we can still afford to buy what we eat.”

“It is up to you and me to protect them… thats is where our next meal will be coming from.”

The post has been shared thousands of times with South Africans all agreeing with Pheello’s original sentiments.

Anna-Mare Geyer Fourie posted: “Wise words from someone who has experienced farm life and Im sure was raised to respect his fellowman. Raised to be a man of dignity. I also grew up on a farm in the then Ciskei. I have respect for all races. I speak 3 languages. Xhosa…Afrikaans and English and love all 3! I get on well with any race. Basics to have is respect for one another, pride in who and what you are ajnd where you come from, pride in what you do and thirdly to serve ons another. God help us to build our nation.”

Phumeza Fufu commented: “True… People are different irrespective of their skin color. I would not want anyone to call me a murderer or a rapist or a housebreaker just because some blacks do these evil things…. I don’t understand why do us blacks call all Farmers or all white people racists. Each person is different.”

Zweli Van Der Jonas added: “The best post I’ve seen in a while that’s referring to farmers in SA. I salute you my brother, we have to rise above hate and colours now, we all bleed the same blood, our skeletons are the same, our veins and hearts pump the same thing and we all breathe the same air. Protect the farmers, this call shouldn’t be taken lightly, the threat is real, No Farmer No Future.”

Sources: Facebook
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Recognised as one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South African’s as well as a Primedia LeadSA Hero, Brent is a change maker, thought leader, radio host, foodie, vlogger, writer and all round good guy.


  1. I am proudly SOUTH AFRICAN! Wish all South Africans would think like you!! This is the country I was born and raised in. We all belong here.

  2. Salute you young man! I wish everyone would wake up and smell the coffee.. We need to unite as a rainbow nation that we are. Farmers are the backbone of society . Without them we are doomed. The truth must be told. I wish your message reaches loads of South Africans boetie!

  3. Mr. Pheello Mlotshwa you are the inspiration to my desperation to see a United South Africa. A country where are all are equal socially, politically and economically. I pray consistently for the day where we can all take down our high walls and actually see and know our neighbours. Thank you for your pledge I salute you young man.

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