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Tracee De Almeida, an off duty nurse, gave a fellow runner CPR while waiting for emergency services to arrive, possibly helping to save her life.


Tracee De Almeida was running in a marathon when she spotted a woman in distress. The woman, 32 and from Pretoria, was in Durban to participate in the marathon. While running she began to feel ill and went to take a seat on the pavement when she collapsed.

Luckily Tracee De Almeida was running past and quickly diverted to help the woman. Tracee is a registered nurse at  Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre. She immediatly started performing CPR on the woman while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

“Our amazing Tracee De Almeida stopped running and immediately started CPR on this young woman saving her life. Thank you Tracee for helping us to believe in Angels” – Kellie Moore‎ 

Netcare 911 advanced life support paramedics arrived on the scene and connected the woman to a heart monitor, to their horror there was no heart activity.

They immediately placed the patient on a ventilator and worked tirelessly for 20 minutes. The woman was defibrillated twice before she was resuscitated.

“You could hear the relief of everyone when hear heart started to beat and she resumed spontaneous respirations again.”

Netcare 911 advanced life support team transported the runner to a nearby hospital where she was admitted for monitoring. Reports have not yet confirmed the outcome of the treatment. What we do know is that thanks to Tracee a woman’s life was saved.

“Well done Tracee De Almeida, a true earth angel who made such a difference in not only the life you saved but those who loved her xxx” – Adele Bird 

“Oh wow Tracee, you rock girl!” – Darren Kelly-Loulié 

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Sources: News24 / Arrive Alive

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