South African man saves a woman from near death. Restores faith in South Africa.

Another beautiful South African story is going viral on social media and for all the right reasons.


Fourways, South Africa (15 May 2016) – Nicole Morgan survived a near-death experience and regained her faith in the humanness of South Africans all because of a good Samaritan. She posted the story on Facebook which has been shared thousands of times.

On Thursday, the 28th of April around midday, Nicole and her 6-year-old son Mikey, went to collect a pair of sunglasses and meet a friend at Cedar Square.

Towards the end of the meeting, Nicole realised she had been stung by a bee but thought nothing of it as she had been stung a couple of times in her life with little to no side effects.

“We were standing saying our goodbyes when I put my bag on my shoulder and suddenly felt a sensation like I was being burnt by a hot poker and looked under my arm only to realise that I had been stung by a bee!”

Her friend immediately helped get the sting out & offered her an “Allergex” to help treat the sting-symptoms.

Nicole decided to pop into the local store to pick up some snacks before leaving the centre when the symptoms went from mild to severe in a matter of minutes.

“I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of complete panic as my hands started throbbing, as did my heart, head and ears (my entire body for that matter) along with a feeling that I couldn’t breath and said to my 6 year old, we had to go.”

She left all her groceries behind & started phoning for help.

She first tried the friend that she had met at the centre but couldn’t get through to her so immediately called her husband, Ross Morgan.

“My husband answered and I told him that I was having a very bad reaction to a bee sting and that I couldn’t breath and was panicking and didn’t know what to do!!!”

“He said I should go to the chemist, but at this stage I could hardly breath and had to sit down in the walk way.”

Her son started to cry with panic as well, as his mother had collapsed and couldn’t move. He pulled on her shirt pleading for her to get up but Nicole was almost unresponsive.

People in the centre saw what was happening and made their way to the scene to try and help. An elderly man tried to find an Epipen, while a lady tried to find her medical aid card. A passerby even ran to the chemist to try get something to assist.

“I remember thinking to myself that I was way too far gone for any over the counter drugs to help me and that I was going to die, as nobody including myself knew what to do and that I didn’t have a lot of time left!”

It was at that moment when Obakeng Seutane ran towards the scene, dispersed the crowd and knelt down next to Nicole to assist her.

By this time, only 4 minutes after the attack had started, Nicole was laying on the floor of the centre, completely unconscious.

Obakeng put Nicole’s hands behind her head to help open her constricted windpipe and then moved to calm her son down. He told Mikey that he was going to take her to the hospital and with the help of another man carried her towards his car.

He put an unconscious Nicole in the backseat & let Mikey sit next to him in the front. He explained that he had to drive really fast to get his mom to the hospital.

Nicole was immediately taken to emergency theatre where they administered an adrenaline shot into her chest and tried various different antihistamines.

The doctors and nurses were incredibly concerned as her body had started shutting down.

While the emergency staff were working on Nicole, a nurse went to Obakeng and asked for a family members number… Mikey gave Obakeng her phone and asked him to find Ross’s number in it… very quick thinking from a 6-year-old.

The nurse called Ross to say he better hurry up as it wasn’t looking good.

“My mother in law arrived at the hospital before my husband and said thank you to Obakeng and that he didn’t have to stay any longer if he wanted to go.”

“He said he’s not going anywhere until he knows that I am alright and continued to wait with Mikey and my mother in law.”

Ross arrived after battling through traffic from Parkhurst to Fourways and was met by the nurse who said that they had finally managed to stabilise Nicole and that she had regained consciousness and he could see her.

“Although I had “regained consciousness”, I was unable to recall anything at all from the time I fell unconcious at Cedar Square until I woke up in ICU almost 7 hours later that night and remember thinking to myslef, Wowee, I am actually here! I am alive!!!”

“All thanks to my son, whose terrified face caught Obakeng’s eye as he was walking past on his way to gym with his earphones on and decided that we needed his help!”

After a week went by, Nicole met with Obakeng to thank him for saving her life and keeping her son calm through it all.

“I was privileged enough to meet with Obakeng today, with my family to thank him in person for going out of his way to save my life and tell him how truley amazing he was for being able to think so extremely clearly when no one else was able too!!!”

“From our meeting I was further shocked to learn that this amazing human is a mere 20 years old studying at Varsity college.” 

“He has given me my life, restored my faith in the youth of South Africa and in fact humanity as a whole and I can honestly say that he has made me see life in a completely different way!”

Thank you Obakeng, there are no words to describe my gratitude!”

Sources: Facebook | Good Things Guy 
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  1. If it wasn’t a country as screwed up and blinded by association to colour, it wouldn’t make the news nor would someone’s humanitarian triumphs be so abnormal. But that takes nothing away from this chaps good work

  2. What a heartwarming story, God Bless Obakeng. Not only for what he did, but also for what he didn’t, we all know what that could have been. He also cared for her son, calmed him down, and explained what he was doing and why. Most of all important, he proved, that there are more good people in SA, than bad. I’m sure he’ll be a friend of the family for life!

  3. And there we go. Someone always has to bring skin colour into everything
    This young man did an extraordinary thing. He kept a cool head and saved a woman’s life. He is hopefully the face of tomorrow’s South African youth. Well done, we as a nation need more young people like this.

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