A little girl met an old man in a store, nearly 2 years later they are still BFF’s

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A friendship that started with a simple wave, saved an old man’s life and has resulted in a friendship that brings tears to our eyes


Norah Wood (5) was just being friendly when she waved at Dan Peterson two years ago. The 5-year-old showed Dan (83) kindness at the perfect moment.

Their friendship went viral after the world learned their beautiful story. Dan had recently lost his wife, he was faced with a lonely life and sunk into a depression. He was walking through a grocery store when sweet little Norah waved at him. She then proclaimed that it was her birthday and she would like a hug. Once she had her hug, she asked her mom to take a picture.

The encounter brought some much-needed joy into Dan’s day. However, it didn’t end there. Norah’s mother tracked Dan down and asked if Norah could have a play date with him. She had been asking about him so they met up once again. The new friendship saved Dan.

He confided in Tara, Norah’s mom, that the encounter had truly saved his life.

Fast-forward nearly two years and the two are still the best of friends.

“It’s remarkable,” says Tara. “I mean, I think a lot of people thought that it wouldn’t continue, but they’re pure magic.”

Even after all this time, Dan didn’t know just how much Norah loved him until a few months ago. Norah had arrived at his home for her weekly visit, knocked on the door and waited for him to open it as usual. Only this time, he took a bit longer to get there which scared Norah.

When he finally opened the door, she clung to him, hugging him hard and remained glued to his side the rest of the day. She had worried that something had happened to him. In an interview with CBS, Dan describes the moment before getting choked up by it.

Watch the sweet friendship below.

Sources: The Good News Network
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