Project Loo is taking on the task of providing new working toilets to people in need across Durban. Already 2 toilets have been built with a 3rd on the way!


Project Loo is a fledgling Non-Profit organisation that was started when Claire de Sylva visited Deli Mhlongo’s home in eMzinyathi, Inanda. Deli and her community have been waiting for a toilet for nearly 12 years. They have no access to running water making a conventional toilet useless.

Living with this limited access to water means that things like washing dishes, drinking a glass of water and most importantly flushing a toilet becomes near impossible.

The community made a makeshift long-drop to assist with their basic human needs but often this is an unhygienic and unsafe option. Claire knew something had to be done and decided she would be the one to do it!

Claire is a runner and so naturally she used her running as a way to campaign for this important cause! She started running with a toilet seat around her waist. That was the most abnormal thing to see at races and meant that people stopped her to ask the bizarre question of, ‘Why are you wearing a toilet?’.

Her toilet seat opened a line of conversation to discuss what people have to go through just to use the toilet and funds started rolling in! Project Loo teamed up with Conloo, they started making plans to install their first Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) toilet.

It would be our ultimate dream that we should see flushable toilets in these rural areas, but for now the VIP units are a wonderful option compared to the current state of the toilets

The VIP units are used all over the world by Unicef and other organisations. Once the pit is full, Conloo’s products can be dismantled and re-assembled.

Claire is offering people the chance to get their dignity back. She hopes that they can install 10 units around Durban this year and grow to more each year to follow. They are close to installing their third VIP toilet. Claire shared a video of the moment that Deli got to see the new toilet for the first time.

If you would like to fins out more about this project you can contact Claire on the Project Loo Facebook page.

Sources: Project Loo
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