Oscar Von Memerty, a household name and South Africa’s most wanted outlaw prankster because of his role on MTV’s You Got It, recently made a YouTube video specifically for the world-renowned talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, and needs the community’s help with grabbing her attention.

“The video showcases the three things that Ellen loves having on her show. Firstly, topless dudes; secondly, motivational and inspirational stories; and lastly, dancing and entertainment,” said Von Memerty.

Von Memerty decided that instead of leaving his YouTube clip at DeGeneres’ Los Angeles studios like thousands of other hopefuls, he would create a hype with his short video.

He believes that the public can assist him by sharing his video on all forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp. Von Memerty urged those who share the video to tag DeGeneres so she will notice his efforts to get onto her show.

Already, Von Memerty is excited to see that so many people have shared his video link. His parents, Vivian and Ian, who are well-known entertainers, have also shared his video on social media.



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  1. Hi Oscar, you are a true inspiration of courage, diligence and braveness. May God blesss you, may Ellen de generes discover you and my al your dreams come true. PS you are quite sexy.

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