Must Watch: South African strips down in the middle of Time Square for his new song

South African strips down in the middle of Time Square for his new song Oshri Naked

By getting naked and dancing free in the busy streets of NYC, Oshri is promoting freedom and self-confidence.


The music video may have been released a while ago but Oshri’s tactic to get naked in New York has recently started trending on social media again.

Oshri’s music career took off when he won the first ever South African TRACE Music Stars competition. The show was mentored by Wyclef Jean and broadcasted on Trace Urban, the second largest music video television network in the world. After living in South Africa, Oshri moved to New York City to continue his endeavors with Wyclef and pursue his efforts in gaining recognition in the music world.

Oshri was invited to perform at the Trace Urban Music Awards in Paris of 2015, after which he was approached by the American pop/R&B singer, Akon to sign to his label. Shortly after, the deal was finalized and Oshri began working on his EP with songwriter, Mike Campbell. In the past, Campbell is best known for co-writing the song, Say Something, by Christina Aguilera and Great Big World.

Oshri’s music style is heavily influenced by his family cultural diversity. With french and middle eastern parents, his unique background creates a one-of-a-kind sound.

Oshri now splits his time between LA, New York and Cape Town, where he is working on new material with Jimmy Nevis. The two had also collaborated on the track Bad Reputation.

“I believe I have a responsibility as an artist to deliver a message, and not just share my stories,” says Oshri.

“We should elevate our spirits by being good and doing good, believing there is a greater power and picture behind it all.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: Oshri | Youtube 
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