Xolani Sithubeni Parking Attendant

Imagine getting a R600 000 donation while watching cars? That is what Xolani Sithubeni, a Parking Attendant at Century City, is set to receive thanks to the generosity of 2 awesome South Africans.


Ingrid van der Walt, a journalist for Expat Explore and Meet Cape Town conducted an interview with Xolani Sithubeni, who has been a Parking Attendant at The Coliseum in Century City for the past 11 years.

That interview sparked a campaign that will be life changing for him.

Everyone working, living and playing in Century City has received a friendly welcome and a smile from Xolani at some point in their life if not every day.

He has always maintained a positive disposition despite a 13-hour shift, six days a week. He has an unmatched passion for his job and has captured the hearts and imaginations of all who’ve come into contact with him over the years.

“Xolani ALWAYS smiles. He treats everyone the same. No matter who you are, you will get a smile. He goes out of his way to make life easier for everyone. He also just wants to make sure that everyone around him is happy and safe. He’s taught me that no matter what you do you have to be passionate about it and proud of it.”

In 2001, Xolani came to Cape Town to live with his sister who was also struggling at the time. He made the move to escape the cycle of poverty he grew up in and to find a job to support himself, only to find the grass isn’t always greener.

He was without work for three years and spent two years without any financial support. Cape Town was his beacon of hope, but after being unable to support himself for three years, he fell into depression and reluctantly moved back to the Eastern Cape where he worked on a farm for another three years.

“I was praying very strongly that God would bring me back to Cape Town and provide me with a job. I needed a job because I was suffering. Now, I just carry on about my life. I enjoy working here and feel one hundred percent happy. I have people supporting me. You have to enjoy your job if God saved your life.”

“I’ve been working here for 10 years. It will be 11 years this year. I work 7am to 8pm six days a week. It’s cold in winter, it’s hot in summer, but I want to live in Cape Town. I want to work here. The people I meet here are friendly, they are good for me. I work for them. I live for them.”

Xolani’s biggest dream is to build his own house for his family.

Cherie Ricketts, who has known the Parking Attendant for eight years, saw the interview and was deeply moved. She immediately contacted Ingrid, and the charitable pair discussed setting up a BackABuddy page for him, to make his dream a reality.

“We know that this campaign target and dream is a big one, but how wonderful if we could make this humble amazing man’s dream come true? We would like to challenge every person who Xolani has ever helped and smiled at, to make a small contribution to this campaign and lets all make his dream come true!”

Thanks to the kind-heartedness of Cherie and Ingrid, his dreams are set to come true as their crowdfunding page has already raised R33,000 toward the goal of R600,000 (the goal on the page currently says R100 000 but it will increase as the campaign increases).

To contribute to this amazing campaign, click here.

Sources: BackABuddy
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