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Cape Town has been sweltering, showing off really, but the last thing you want on a brilliant summers day is to be stuck without petrol.


Cape Town, South Africa (09 March 2020) – Mohammed Iqbal Kasker found himself in quite the predicament. His car ran out of petrol in bumper to bumper traffic, while he was in the right lane. He was flooded with anxiety as the cars around him grew impatient and frustrated by him blocking the road.

Mohammed climbed out of the car to show the people behind him to go around. Training officer Pieter Terblanche pulled up behind Mohammed along with another gentleman in a bakkie. Together, they pushed the car onto the yellow line, on the left side of the road. It was now safer for Mohammed.

“I had to get out and indicate to the cars behind me that I’m stuck. Then this guy on a motorbike pulls up and Introduces himself ‘Good afternoon Sir. I’m a student metro police officer. I’m here to assist you’. All I can think is Alghamdulila. Another Guy in a bakkie also stopped and pushed my car to the left lane so that my car and I was safe in the yellow lane. That’s half the story….. Now I need petrol. Stucking on that bridge is so awkward and the garages are so far away. I asked the officer if he could assist me by getting me petrol. Without hesitation he agreed. I took out my wallet and guess what. NO CASH. I was already embarrassed that I stuck without Petrol and now I don’t have cash on me.”

Mohammed was mortified but felt he could trust Pieter, so he offered him his bank card and pin for the petrol. Training officer Pieter refused it and insisted it was ok.

“I just had this good feeling about this officer. I even offered to give him my card to get Petrol. All he said was ‘uncle, don’t worry. I will sort it out for you’. and he left. Remember guys it’s 35 degrees. It was hot and I was sweating. Both of the heat and embarrassment. It took about 25min for him to return. He had to go to Canal Walk to get the petrol. He came with a 5l can petrol and an ice-cold coke for uncle”

“Remember I didn’t give him money. We threw in the petrol and the car started immediately. I asked him to follow me to the nearest atm so that I could make good. He said, ‘uncle don’t worry’. I took his number and I called him this evening to thank him yet again.

His name is Pieter Terblanche, a metro police student. Their training school is in Obs. He was busy with his tactical training in Lakeside and he requested to leave early as he needed to attend to personal business. His wife was waiting for him, but he stopped to assist me first.

I decided to post this because I had to tell people this story. Most people only post negative stories esp when it comes to ‘cops’. Thanks to the other gentleman in the bakkie that assisted. I didn’t get your name. On Monday I will call his superiors and share this story. Once again, thank you Pieter Terblanche.”

The City of Cape Town saw Mohammed’s praise and shared the story as well saying how proud they were of his efforts in helping a fellow road users.

We are very proud of Pieter too and look forward to the day he takes the streets where he can help even more people.

Sources: City of Cape Town
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