Photographer, Kelly Ross, in an emotional maternity shoot, went above and beyond for her client, by adding her late husband- whom she had lost 3 months prior- into the photographs.

Kari’s husband passed away tragically, leaving behind his new wife, son & unborn daughter. In this beautiful image Kelly Ross adds the husband in an angelic form.

“Going into this session- Kari asked me if there was a way to add Tod into a image with her. I had never tried it but was eager if for anyone to make this happen for her….. and have to say I spent a lot of time and tears making this happen… Seemed most fitting to use a wedding image of theirs from their first dance where he was looking so lovingly at her (photo credit to Hale Channel Photography) …. I can only hope I did it the slightest bit of justice, as the loss of Tod for Kari and their sweet unborn daughter and his son he has left behind has been felt by so many.” said Kelly Ross on her Facebook page.

Ross added this image to Facebook, and in just a few hours it had gone viral with over 25,000 shares! Kari’s sister writes a tribute to her sister & late husband in the comments.

“Many of you will look at this as just a beautiful moment captured on film by an amazing photographer during a woman’s pregnancy… but this is so much more…. This is a young woman who worked so hard to make all of her dreams come true. She has her master’s degree, has taught in the same school for 10 years, owns her own home in the town she grew up in, and found her soulmate. They had the most perfect wedding just last August followed by their honeymoon in Hawaii. There was only one thing that she still wanted so badly… she couldn’t wait to become a mom. Well that dream is about to come true shortly… Giavanna Lee Grace is due on July 2nd. Little did she know she would be doing it without her husband by her side. On the morning of March 1st Tod and Kari gave each other a kiss before they went off to work…. they never knew it would be their last. Tod suffered a heart attack that day…. and never made it home. She is looking off in the distance in the first image, looking even more stunning then she did on her wedding day, trying to see her husband looking down on her. The necklace she wears is a pendant her gave her with a tag engraved in his handwriting that says “I love you Baby” the teddy bear she is holding is made from one of his favorite shirts to bring her and her daughter comfort, the handprint on her baby bump is his…. transferred with love and care… See, many of you will just see this as a beautiful moment captured on film … but this photograph holds so much more…. this is the most beautiful, caring, admirable, courageous woman I know…. and I am so honored to call her my little sister…. my 32 yr old newlywed, pregnant, widowed little sister… carrying my soon to be niece who is already more loved and special than she will ever know…..”


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