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A Potchefstroom man has been hailed a hero on the farm where he works, for saving a little boy from drowning, even though he can’t swim himself.


On Friday 18 November, Charmaine Oosthuizen’s 3 year old little son, Michael decided to go for a swim on his own… apparently forgetting that he has no idea how to actually swim!

Piet, a garden who works on the farm, was fetching something from the house when he heard a splash by the pool. He made his way to the pool area expecting to see the kids throwing things in the water.

But was shocked to find Michael, in the middle of the pool, fighting to keep his head above the water.

Without thinking Piet ran and jumped into the pool, with all his clothing, to save him… he didn’t blink for a second and made a decision to save the little boy, even though he couldn’t swim himself.

“He risked his own life to save my child!”

Piet has been working on the farm for quite some time and has known Michael since he was only 2 weeks old. Michael has grown up playing in the garden with Piet, teaching him about plants and letting him “help” around the garden when ever the family visit.

Charmaine is currently visiting her parents on their farm outside Potchefstroom with Michael and her newborn. She has no idea how her son got outside alone.

“It all happened so quickly. My son is used to the pool and loves swimming when we’re around but has never before gone into the pool without adult supervision. I have no idea why he did it this time.”

Michael had a huge fright but is absolutely fine thanks to Piet. Piet did everything he could, without knowing how to swim to save the 3 year old and get himself to safety.

“All I can say is THANK YOU to our heavenly Father for looking after my son, for sending Piet at just the right time. Things could have turned out so different. I am eternally grateful to Piet for saving my son.”

“I would just like everyone to know that there is still good people out there and good deeds happening around us.”

“We as parents can never be too safe when it comes to our kids and can not afford to not pray for their safety and wellbeing. God might not send Angel Gabriel down… But He can send/use you and me and Piet!”


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